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Titanfall Review- a Precedent for Greatness - 09/04/14

Respawn Entertainment, comprised of the outhouse that gave us the last two great Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 1


The Guilty Pleasure Trials: Aliens: Colonial Marines - 09/04/14

Are the forgotten and maligned games of yesterday really all that bad? The Guilty Pleasure trials aim to find out.


The Xbox One is fighting back - 04/04/14

The Xbox One blundered onto the next-gen stage last year in somewhat humiliating fashion when compared to its prime competitor,


PS4 and Virtual Reality: Game changer or gimmick? - 02/04/14

If you haven’t heard already, Sony have announced Project Morpheus, a virtual reality headset that will hopefully take gaming immersion


The Guilty Pleasure Trials: Singularity - 01/04/14

Now that the current generation is winding down and if not so much deceased as beginning to look for retirement


An Achievement Whore and Proud of it. - 24/03/14

In honour of Raymond ‘Stallion83′ Cox who finally reached 1 million Gamerscore a few days ago whilst playing Titanfall unlocking


Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 ‘A House Divided’ Review – Walk This Way - 24/03/14

Beware you lot, some light spoilers for previous chapters, you have been warned. Sometimes feeling miserable is great isn’t it?.


Retrospective: Fallout: New Vegas – Viva Las Vegas! (with a few caveats) - 12/03/14

Following on from Fallout 3 is an unenviable task that few would attempt, as it is quite rightly regarded as


Xbox One Hard Drive woes: We need more space - 11/03/14

A mere four months have passed since the PS4 and Xbox One was released to the global market and already


Twitch is now live on Xbox One - 10/03/14

Finally, Twitch streaming is now live on Xbox One, allowing players to broadcast their gameplay. The Kinect camera gets its


Resolution doesn’t matter - 08/03/14

The resolution disparity between several Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games have ignited debates and arguments worldwide among gamers. Microsoft

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Xbox One’s superior Twitch Streaming service justifies delay - 07/03/14

After much fanfare from Microsoft at last year’s E3 about Twitch streaming coming to the Xbox One, just a few


South Park Censorship is f***** up - 05/03/14

You may have heard that South Park: The Stick of Truth has had some scenes censored for its European release. Six


The Xbox One Price Cut= Desperation? - 04/03/14

After a mere three months since its release, the Xbox One will is getting a price cut in the United


Xbox One Price Cut: £399.99 with free copy of Titanfall! New Titanfall Bundle announced - 24/02/14

Uk gamers rejoice. Microsoft have announced that they are permanently reducing the price of the Xbox One price to £399.99


Outlast: Watch young men scream like little girls - 24/02/14

Outlast is simply terrifying. Word has already spread of the notorious first person horror game and with me being the


The future is bright, the future is TITANFALL - 21/02/14

Gaz Lehri’s Impressions The true successor to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is finally here! I’ve finally had a


Is GTA V Online dead? PS4 beats the Xbox One in its home turf! Can the Xbox One recover? - 19/02/14

2 to 1= 4>1?  Microsoft must be worried. After striving for over a decade with the Xbox brand and finally


Multiplayer Only Games- Is the full price justified? - 18/02/14

Titanfall is one of this year’s most anticipated titles. However, it has come under flak from some gaming folk who


The Order 1886: The best looking next-gen title yet? - 18/02/14

The Order: 1886 gameplay video has finally been released and it is, without a doubt, one of the most visually


Xbox One February Update Rolling Out - 14/02/14

Major Nelson has announced that the Xbox One February update is finally being released after suffering from delays earlier this


GTA 5 Online: Valentines Day Massacre – it’s now on! - 14/02/14

Anyone who is a fan or has been playing GTA5 Online will have been pleasantly surprised by the ‘Valentine’s Weekend


No Titanfall on PS4 is a BIG deal. Deal with it - 13/02/14

With the embargo on Titanfall’s media coverage being lifted, all gamers can finally witness the highly anticipated game in action


Xbox One Media Remote Appears on Amazon - 13/02/14

The Xbox One Media Remote has gone live on Amazon UK and is fetching for £19.99. Why you would need


New inFamous: Second Son Screenshots - 12/02/14

Sony Computer Entertainment have released some new screenshots of inFamous: Second Son and boy does the game look good. Have