Here at GameOnDaily, we are hating on everything at the moment. We’ve discussed things we hate about the Playstation 4 and soon we’ll turn our eyes on the Xbox One and the Wii U. Now we turn our entitled gamer eyes on the gaming PC in typical British whinging fashion.

Unlike consoles, PCs are open and flexible, allowing the gamer to customise their hardware and software to suit their tastes. But there are some problems that you just can’t dodge, and I will attempt to retain my composure as I think them up and commit them to text. But… they… make me… so… ARGH!

5. The (in)convenience of a couch

We'd hate to think what all thsoe years of gaming have done to our spinal column

We’d hate to think what all those years of gaming have done to our spinal column

One of the best things about the hobby is kicking back on the couch with your favourite beverage, grabbing a controller, firing up a console at the touch of a button, and getting your gaming on. Of course it is entirely possible to set your PC beside the TV, get Steam booting straight into Big Picture mode, and replicate that console experience pretty closely. But you’re a PC gamer, and some games are just outright better with a keyboard and mouse. Good luck getting that setup on the couch without compromising that comfort and convenience.

4. Disjointed platforms

cat memeWhen you fire up a console you have everything you need in one place. You can see which of your friends are playing, fire out messages, check your trophies and gamerscores, browse the shop, watch a video, or just fall asleep on that comfortable couch you settled on.

On the PC you can do all of those things (perhaps excluding the last one)… 6 times over! Which is bad. You have friends and profiles on Steam, Origin, Battlenet, and whatever other gaming platforms you have signed up to. Even U-Play probably has a friends list, though obviously you don’t use that for social functionality.

These competing platforms are a large part of the reason that PC games are so cheap, but there is some comfort to be had with the simplicity of a unified system.

3. Support

It might be the PSU or it might be this wire...who knows....

It might be the PSU or it might be this wire…who knows….

Things break. I’m not saying PCs are less reliable than any other platform. Consoles break too. But there is a lot to be said for being able to pick up a phone, speak to Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, and get the support you need to repair or replace it.

When your custom-built super rig starts misbehaving you are typically entering a world of hurt, regardless of how tech-savvy you think you are. Do you have the spare parts necessary to swap in so that you can identify which graphics card or stick of RAM is causing the problem? Maybe it’s the motherboard? Even if all your components are within warranty, you can find yourself facing charges from retailers as you mistakenly send back your faulty graphics card, only to later find out that the real problem was the PCI-Express slot on the motherboard.

2. Optimisation

Oh you'll always want more powah!

Oh you’ll always want more powah!

For the gamer that cares about performance, the PC is a blessing and a curse. With the right investment you know you can smash the output of any console…. but are you getting the most out of your own PC? Could it look better if you reduced the resolution and notched up the texture detail? Are those Ultra shadows worth the 10 frames per second performance hit? And worse, are those perfectly optimised settings going to hold up when you actually get into the thick of the action?

The potential to adjust your own visual quality and performance introduces a nagging doubt that you could squeeze out a bit more performance, and you can easily end up spending as much time tweaking settings as actually playing the game.

1. Lack of AAA high budget exclusives

Yes, the PC has the biggest catalogue of games out there. Yes, it gets the most new games released. Yes, it can provide the best experience on those multiplatform AAA titles, and yes, it has quality exclusives all of it’s own.

But admit it PC gamers; There are console exclusives that you wish you could play. You wish you could play Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Blood Borne, Crackdown, and the wealth of other heavily endorsed platform exclusives that you are going to keep hearing about for the year. You could play them at such resolutions and framerates that your eyes would bleed! Except you can’t, because your PC can’t play those games at all. Nobody has any real interest in funding AAA exclusives to push your platform to it’s fullest. Put on a brave face and pretend it doesn’t hurt, or embrace console gaming as well.

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Asa W

I am just some British chap that is enthusiastic about games and related technology. I put my opinions into articles thinking other people might want to read them, so you could probably call me egotistical as well. Any publishers or platform holders reading this: My integrity can be bought for a low low price. Call me xx

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15 Responses

  1. plate says:

    Transylvania County Arts Council, Brevard, NC

  2. Adam says:

    You mention “kicking back on the couch with your favourite beverage” but you fail to mention what your favourite beverage is.

    What, pray tell, is your favourite beverage?

    • Adam says:

      Just to elaborate further, I’m just asking you “Asa W” what your favourite beverage is.

      I put it to you sir that the W in your name, infact, stands for WKD.

  3. The Ex-Console Guy says:

    I laugh at alot of the console wars now. i swear i use to live by the Sony name. ive always been a console gamer and have always defended it coming from the atari to the genesis, nes, then playstation. my last console was the ps3 and then a year ago i built a pc and never looked back. and i find it funny when ppl say u cant pc game from a couch. they are wrong because im a living example of the fact u can. my pc is in my basement sitting on a garage storage rack that i have hanging from the rafters. i have long usb extenders that are placed on a wall plate that i plug my g13, wireless kb and mouse in. which sits behind my couch. and a 20ft hdmi cable thats running in the wall to my tv where you cant see it. and everyday i enjoy high graphic games on my 50 inch tv from my couch. i will never go back to console gaming and be stuck with proprietary things and loose the flexibility of the PC.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lol, console promoters arecrazy :))))
    I have my pc connected to my full hd led tv by hdmi, i have a microsoft xbox controller connected and i play most games from my bed. And about those exclusive games…. If the creators want only to earn only a procent of what they could have because of this restriction it’s their buisness and if they will port them to pc later no one will be interested any more. For example if they release demon souls for pc now how many copies do you think will sell? What if they released it last year, before ds2?

    • DeadRabbits says:

      Titanfall @ 1440p Maxed Out using a DS4 Controller on my 52″ would have been a pixilated mess on a xbone or 360!

      • G. Lehri says:

        “Titanfall @ 1440p Maxed Out using a DS4 Controller on my 52″ would have been a pixilated mess on a xbone or 360!”

        But it would have run gloriously on the PS4 right? 😉

        • DeadRabbits says:

          Anything more then 792p 57fps has to be better!
          The xbone is masquerading as a Next Gen console and that is wrong!

    • Sony fans are hypocrites. says:

      Indeed, but people that favor consoles have only one thing going for them: INCOMPETENCE.
      Poor $0N¥ paupers, DeadRabbits is just another prime example. Another person that will get NOWHERE in real life.

      • DeadRabbits says:

        “DeadRabbits is just another prime example. Another person that will get NOWHERE in real life.”
        Excuse you Sir but I got pretty far with my GTX970 running Titanfall Maxed out 1440p 60+FPS with room to spare. Don’t get upset your xbone was out of spec before it was even a twinkle in Don Mattricks eyes!

      • Chill says:

        If yo pc is so great why yo wasting time reading this shite

    • Asa W says:

      The article does say quite specifically that you can hook a PC up to a TV and replicate a lot of that console experience. I boot straight into Big Picture on a 55″ UHD TV myself, so I am quite aware of that…

      Though honestly I think DeadRabbits is bonkers trying to play Titanfall with a control pad, I find it a lot more fun with a keyboard and mouse :)

  5. DeadRabbits says:

    I cant wait for the 100 Things We Hate About the XBONE article!

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