The PlayStation 4 is quickly becoming the console of choice for the vast majority of gamers everywhere and for good reason. The PS4 is the world’s most powerful next-generation console, with a competitive price, sleek design and it rectifies almost all the problems that plagued its predecessor. However, the PS4 is by no means perfect and there are some things about the console that make us want to pull out our hair in frustration. Here are our top 5 things that we hate about the PS4:

5. The Controller

DS4The DS4 is a massive improvement over the DS3, which frankly, was not all that great, especially compared to the Xbox 360 controller (with the exception of the 360’s woeful d-pad). However, the controller has quite a few issues that annoys the heck out of us.

The thumbsticks are prone to wear and tear and this has been a common complaint from many people. In fact, our own thumbsticks have worn out and its simply not acceptable. The problem is so widespread that many people have resorted to swapping the thumbsticks over from the Xbox One controller.

Rumours state that the lightbar harnesses the power of the sun's core

Rumours state that the lightbar harnesses the power of the sun’s core

The lightbar can be a right pain the retinas. Why on Earth can we not turn it off?! It’s especially a problem at night where the damn thing, even at its lowest brightness settings (which isn’t all that different from the highest one) illuminates the room like you’re in some sleazy night club. Luckily you can buy third party stickers to cover up the lightbar.

The battery life of the DS4 controller is by far our biggest problem with the controller. Frankly, its utterly rubbish and whilst on paper, 3-4 hours of battery life might sound adequate to you, in reality what this translates to is you being tethered to your console for the vast majority of your play time. The only real solution to this problem? Buy another controller. The AA batteries on the Xbox One doesn’t sound like such a big joke now do they?

4. The User Interface

With a few organisation options, the PS4 UI can be great. We expect this will happen soon

With a few organisation options, the PS4 UI can be great. We expect this will happen soon

Again, the UI has seen a marked improvement over the XMB on the PS3 but there are still some problems with the current interface, the biggest one being the completely inefficient way you access your games. Its just a long horizontal line of games and strikes at the heart of the efficiency and speed that the PS4 otherwise focuses on. Give us ways to customise our folders so that navigating through isn’t so laborious and uninteresting.

3. The Lack of Media Support

Get your act together Sony. Its been over a year and we have no media support on this so-called next-gen console. Not only has the Xbox One had comprehensive media support for a while, the PS3 puts its successor to shame in that regard. We were promised an update allowing media support and we are still waiting. It’s taking far too long and needs to get sorted ASAP!

2. Online instability

PSN suffered the longest downtime by the actions of the infamous group of virgins called Lizard Squad

PSN suffered the longest downtime by the actions of the infamous group of virgins called Lizard Squad

We were hoping Sony would get their arse in gear when it came to sorting out their online infrastructure but so far, in our experience, PSN has proved to be far too unstable, with regular outages and far too much downtime that happens to take place at the most inconvenient time (mind you, when is a convenient time ?). The DDOS attacks that crippled both Xbox Live and PSN over Christmas proved the latter service’s comparable instability and we hope this will prompt Sony to get their act together.

1. The Fanboys

Fanboys in general can be a pain in the ass but of all the fanboys that infest the gaming world, no group takes the cake more than Sony fanboys, who have routinely proven themselves to be some of the most toxic, destructive, pathetic, immature and downright annoying groups of people to ever walk on the Earth. Take Floyd Mayweather’s arrogance, add Katie Hopkin’s vitriol, everything about Kanye West and sprinkle it with some Bieber fever and what you get is pretty close to what your average Sony fanboy is like.

The Sony Defense Force is by far the most aggressive, the most obnoxious and, of course, the most defensive- Jim Sterling, Destructoid

No truer meme has ever been created

No truer meme has ever been created

From signing petitions in favour of DRM on the Xbox One, submitting fake reviews en masse on Amazon and Metacritic, posting comments on YouTube videos forcing the likes of Toys R’ Us to disable comments, Sony fanboys seem content with spending so much energy deriding everyone else’s taste in gaming that we routinely wonder how they have any time left over to play videogames.

According to them, if you are a PC gamer, you have no real exclusives to play, an average gaming PC costs upwards of $57 million and 4k/ resolution doesn’t matter. If you game primarily on Nintendo’s platforms then your console is pathetic, not next-gen, has no decent third party titles and just consists of Mario games. If you dare state that you game primarily on the Xbox platforms then you are a fool for picking the weaker console, which has no games, “Kinect lol!”, resolution matters and Killzone is better than Halo (no seriously, we have read this many times).

Bear in mind, we are talking about fanboys and not your general PlayStation fan but we personally know of a few people who wanted to buy a PS4 but their dealings with a select few members of the PS4 ‘community’ actually put them off the purchase in the end. Unfortunately, this problem is here to stay and there is very little Sony can do to rectify it. Mind you, they probably don’t see it as a problem because Sony now has a legion of unpaid PR staff who will market their console for them 24/7.

Stay tuned for our top 5 list of things we hate on the Xbox One, Wii U and PC.

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Proprietor of and a die-hard gaming fan since I was old enough to hold a controller.

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56 Responses

  1. Jimmy Hill says:

    The PS4 is a total piece of shite. It runs loud and hot and has pish games.
    An badly made bag of shite.

  2. Fernando says:

    And because it sucks and its to heavy

  3. Fernando says:

    I hate PS4 because it has low quality

  4. Xbox says:

    Breaking Music News | Billboard

  5. DiethePS4 says:

    my ps4 mudered itself, so now i got alll these wonderful games with no system to play it on

  6. vrtgf says:

    we don’t like a lot of science fiction at the games

  7. dan says:

    wow man. sounds like a fanboy club for both sides. both consoles are the shit. just waiting for great games for both. as a ps4 fan i am a bit disappointed. as an x box fan, the same. i do prefer the ps4 controller cuz im old. and playstation was THE console in my time. whoever wakes up and delivers first wins.

    • chris says:

      people get so angry with me after ps4 said no backwards compatibility i decided to fix up my pc with a 970 graphics card and 8350 processor so i can keep ps3 and still play next gen games like assassins creed without killing space given i owned a pc for internet lets just say i know how Shay Cormac feels in Assassins Creed Rogue

      • chris says:

        i honestly prefer live and let live in my mind no choice is wrong i played playstation since ps1 to ps3 people want to play ps4 i say cool xbox 1 again cool nintindo also cool all the systems have good games in my heart i still see myself as a console gamer but i feel no game system is better then another including a pc set up love legend of zelda, loved infamous games havent tried newest one xbox had great gamesidc what people play as long as we have fun hell im so old i remember atari nintindo and sega genesis lol

  8. al says:

    Sounds like the author got into a fight with a console fan and lost, so he decided to make an immature rant about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I own a Playstation myself and have always favoured it over Xbox. Sony just seems more professional when it comes to a gaming console. Plus the only thing that has made me think of buying an Xbox was the game Forza Horizon. And the Xbox online community is full of annoying kids that I do not want to be playing online with that’s for sure.

      When it comes to the controller. I’ve had a controller that’s in perfect condition for 7 years or so for the PS3. It’d just how you treat your items…

    • chris says:

      ask me all consoles including pc have things that makes them good people need to remember we are all just gamers no need to rage at eachother for going a different direction

  9. xbox4life says:

    Love both consoles, cant stand fanboys of either in general. This was the first and last article ill read from this site. This author is nothing but a fanboy himself.

    The controller he has some points on, well the rubber wearing off anyways. Battery life i get a good 8 hours off of, thats more then efficient as i can charge it afterwards. Think he was a lil dramatic and reaching. 2nd the ui blows x1’s away. Everythings right there in a line. Beginning with your most recent things you’ ve done. Again another dramatic reach.

    The fanboy part is what got me, how can i or anyone take this author or site seriously? What the fucks a fanboy got to do with the actual console itself? Absolutely nothing. All that did is just prove what a fanboy you are yourself. A fanboy is a fanboy, theres no difference in one or the other. One just spits power and says xbox done, the other, claims no games, calls it indiestation 4 or writes an article on the 5 things they hate about the ps4 and names fanboys as a console problem.

    What a fucking joke i just read.

  10. Jeff Santana says:

    Great synopsis but #1 is an absolute exaggeration. Perhaps the tides have changed dramatically but the biggest trolls are what I assume to be a (small?) percentage of Xbox owners. They infect any YouTube clip or article that has anything to do with a Playstation exclusive and troll and lie on levels that are unprecedented.

    Look up anything on Drive Club, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne or The Order 1886.

    I think it has something to do with the second place mentality. Perhaps last gen when 360 was surging Playstation fanboys felt the need to troll but this gen things have reversed dramatically.

  11. messedupworld says:

    Most of the comments here only confirm the points that the author made about how immature and toxic Sony fanboys are. Also, the author isn’t the first to say these things.

  12. Sony fans are hypocrites. says:

    $0N¥ = cancer to gaming. Poor paupers that can’t afford proper gaming can’t deal with that fact. Poor dying $0N¥ and their pauperlegion of schmucks.

  13. medman says:

    I would like to know if the author would like a little cheese with all that whine.

  14. Guest says:

    Here’s what I personally hate about the Xbox DONE so far this generation.

    Terrible graphics, on par with Wii U, not PS4. Which is ironic since it’s the Wii U the Pauper Box is competing with at the moment, it already got destroyed by a real console like the PS4 in sales. 720p resolutions fitting only for pathetic, low – IQ peasants who can’t afford a real console that does 1080. Terrible controller. Crap online service and even worse subscription service.

    TERRIBLE EXCLUSIVE GAMES – for anybody wandering why the third place Poverty Box was in third place all the time in sales, look no further than here. With trash games like Forza, Halo and Titanflop available on the console all you have is a compelling list of reasons why you DON’T NEED to buy an Xbox DONE. If Povertysoft want thier pathetic, dead console to sell at retail they’re going to have to start releasing games that are WORTH playing, not releasing the same last – gen rehashed trash like Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable which aren’t wroth a damn to anybody anymore.

    • Leon says:

      PS4 graphics are almost identical to the xbox one’s. Srsly the only difference you will ever see is in shaders which usually work better on PS4. And there are specs to back this up
      Xbox ram: 8GB
      PS4 ram: 8GB
      Xbox CPU: 8 core
      PS4 CPU: 8 core
      Xbox GPU: AMD with 700 shaders
      PS4 GPU: AMD with 1000+ shaders
      Xbox Storage: 500gb
      PS4 Storage: 500gb

      Nice try, fanboy

    • Ryan says:

      wow… this guy needs help. You’re getting angry over a piece of consumer electronics. Both consoles are fun and both have great games. I just purchased a Playstation 4 a few days ago and I’m waiting for it in the mail. Reading these crazy playstation fanboy comments is making me think twice about it haha. I’m worried about this controller battery life… I noticed when my friend was playing his PS4 he had the controller plugged in every time I was over. Also you guys realize the reason you have to pay for online service is because servers cost millions of dollars to maintain right? The internet isn’t a magical cloud floating in the sky. These things cost money. I will eventually buy an xbox one because I love forza and halo. I also prefer the xbox controller. But I really want the 1080p resolution for playing phantom pain haha. You guys need to relax though… fanboy crap is realllllly really childish and annoying. Also whats with the “M$” thing? you realize that Sony is also mass producing consumer electronics and movies with the intent to make money? All companies exist to make money. Thats the idea. Sony isn’t a bunch of monks walking around handing out food to people ahaha.

  15. corvusmd says:

    I do agree with all these points, however, second only to fanboys….I hate that now the PS exclusives seem to be doing the bare minimum and coasting by on the Hype. For me anyway, all PS exclusives have been severely disappointing. They all go for looking good but not being good. My theory is that with big Sony struggling so much, they are trying to milk the PS cow as much as possible. Play up the fact that PS4 can make some good looking games….focus on screenshots, and sacrifice everything to be able to write 1080p on the package….then cut corners in other aspects of game dev. This would also explain why they keep buying up timed exclusives for indie games and old PC remakes.

    You can’t totally fault Sony for doing this, they need to find a way to be profitable, and PS is doing really well…but for someone like me who is a gamer and has all the consoles…it just lends itself to creating a bunch of games that don’t really capture my interest. Hopefully big Sony will get stable enough again that they back off PS and we can start seeing some quality exclusives again (although so far UC4 looks amazing, and I am interested to learn more about the Sucker Punch and Guerrilla Open world games).

    • DeadRabbits says:

      “I hate that now the PS exclusives seem to be doing the bare minimum and coasting by on the Hype. ”

      What was Titanfall fueled on? Hyper Hype?

    • Toaster says:

      Your comment about “broke” Sony would be valid, if any PlayStation console in the past had had a stellar first 12 months of games. Even when Sony was the king of consoles, they didn’t have a stellar first year. The games and the diversity came with time and about 12-24 months of build up.

      If you think that is incorrect then let me know, otherwise let’s wait and see what Sony does in 2015, because they already have a more diverse and consistent 2015 in terms of what they have coming out, than in 2014. I mean they have a potential GOTY winner in UC4 this year.

      And I have to agree with DeadRabbit’s sentiment. Titan “believe the hype” Fall, was the same thing. A game lacking in content with ideas already seen in other games. Sunset Overdrive, whilst being a quality game, is chock full of ideas taken directly from other games like Jet Set Radio, Ratchet & Clank, Saints Row and inFamous, in a way that shows it really doesn’t know what it wants to be. It doesn’t win points for originality, but then again neither does a lot of PS4’s lineup either, outside indies.

  16. Sony fans are hypocrites. says:

    This article is spot on. Poor dying Sony and their pauperlegion.

    $0N¥ PauperStation = lies and overhype that underdelivers.

    • DeadRabbits says:

      Where is the Editor to condemn this type of anti Sony comment. Selective Amnesia!

      • G. Lehri says:

        I’m here Deadrabbits. I condemn that comment.

        • Ryan says:

          Editor: excellent and informative article. Also very entertaining to see the sony fanboys exploding with rage and proving your point ahaha. I just bought a PS4 online and I’m looking forward to getting into the next gen consoles. Always been an xbox guy so I’m wary about this playstation controller. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. I have always had a bit of a grudge towards PS2 for killing my beloved Dreamcast, but I’m willing to forgive them… hahah

    • YesImaCat says:

      Xbox fanboys are the little poop of PC Master Race

    • Guest says:

      You are a sad, pathetic, uneducated little weasel who has dedicated his entire, worthless existence to defending a shit console which has been in third place for the entire generation.

      Go back to playing your 720p trash you lowly little scummy pauper. Judging by the sales figures you are obviously the only person on the planet stupid enough to waste money on the third place Poverty – Box because everybody else bought the PS4. Enjoy your third place you pathetic little rodent, Microsoft shitty Poverty – Box= lies, overhype, underdeliver, shit games and no sales.

      • Sony fans are hypocrites. says:

        Poor $0N¥ pauperboy, crying until the end and shilling for you dying cancer of a company. Dem delicious tears, keep them coming. LoOoL!

  17. Jack says:

    The only thing this article has confirmed is that the author is a XBOX FANBOY. The person who wrote this crap then goes on to call out people in comments, proving a bias, nothing more. Crap site with a crap writer who has nothing interesting or new, instead he goes on about stuff other people have complained about, you know, those who actually don’t own a PS4.

    • corvusmd says:

      It seems more like you confirmed you were a fanboy more than the author…these are all valid points…and something tells me that if an article like this substituted X1 every time it said PS4….you wouldn’t have any issues at all.

      • Jack says:

        I own both systems and haven’t had a problem with either and I disagree with people who obviously support one side over especially when a main focus of this article relies on opinion. You’re welcome to your assumptions however, mine is you’re just another part of this site and are running to defense, regardless of the issue.

        It doesn’t really matter though, this site isn’t credible. Especially with clickbait articles like this and reponses from the person who wrote it like this:

        “Also, Gameondaily is WAY above all the other flamebait shite out there. We just keep it real.”

        It’s pretty funny I know, I think I have discovered the ultimate troll haven.

        • G. Lehri says:

          No Jack. Stop with the conspiracy theories. He isn’t a contributor on here.

          “It’s pretty funny I know, I think I have discovered the ultimate troll haven.”

          We hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

          • Bossguest says:

            Looks like he’s saying it’s an assumption, but anyone who supports your writing I might think an insider as well. Come on man, using “we” in your title, you gotta know, you don’t speak for the gaming community. If anything, that title alone says it was written by someone pro XB1 only. Even if it wasn’t your point, it comes as an attack against a large group of gamers. I can see why he’s calling your site clickbait.

          • G. Lehri says:

            It’s ‘we’ at Gameondaily. It’s used for the PC article as well as the upcoming Xbox One and Wii ones as well.

      • roboslash says:

        The guy who wrote the article attacked a fanbase. Its pretty obvious the writer is a fanboy himself of xbox. It wasnt even a drawback of the system itself. It kinda went off topic and sorta amateurish too.

  18. AggroCrag says:

    Everybody here should Google “sony defense force” to see what this author is failing to mention.

    “ has done some great investigative journalism and has found that the owner of Sony Defense Force is Rob Foor, who just happens to run (The anti Sony boys)…

    He then went on to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sony Defense Force is run by the same guy, well worth following the link to appreciate his hard work and to read the Sony fanboy comments at the bottom…”

  19. roboslash says:

    This entire article sounds just like a fanboy rant. To make the entire community of PS4 players the worst fanboys ever sounds like a blatant Xbox fanboy rant. The controller problems you give solutions to all its problems so it has none according to you. The lack of media support you say has an update coming. The online stability you preface by saying xbox had a similar attack on its service. The UI you give a swipe at for scrolling through games. Kind of a bad effort in making a article.

  20. Rudero says:

    Had a thumb stick go out on me, but my replacements have not had an issue thus far.
    The lightbar gets me, what are you doing with the thing? I never notice it unless it is a cool feature that kicks in. ie cop lights from grand theft auto or flash light on destiny etc. if you are looking at it, I think you might be doing it wrong.
    My psn has been flawless for this entire gen. I really must be lucky. The first ddos I had the issue but this holiday I didn’t miss a day. Had connection issue for few hours the saturday after Christmas but with friends, I was already on so I never got kicked. The messaging app acts weird if that’s what you mean.
    The media side is not something to write home about but, then again, I do not use it to do so anyways. Blurays with true 7.1 surround is all I need. My tv does the rest.
    The fanboys were created from overnight websites and blogs that attacked the PS3 relentlessly. They took their voices to the comment sections. I see no issue with this. The voices vs all of the random crap articles that try to misrepresent products is a good thing. Trying to say that did not exist is blind. Fanboys, regardless of console are horrible. Xbox fanboys run around with fabricated stories and do more harm actually in my oppinion. Like the psn… Only people that do not have a playstation say it has “major” issues but outside of the little babies and their ddos attacks, it has been flawless.

  21. DeadRabbits says:

    These “SONY FANBOYS” the author seems fixated with comprise of the same species of Homo Sapiens as “XBOX FANBOYS”. There is no genetic link to make a specific “RACE” of “FANBOY” more prone to vitriol spitting and anger.
    Fact is this Gen the PS4 is more powerful then the XBONE so all those SONY FANBOYS are getting revenge for years of XBOX FANBOY BS.
    Basically what goes around comes around and the chickens have come home to roost!

    • G. Lehri says:

      You seem to think the transformation happened when the PS4 was launched. Fact is, Sony fanboys have always exhibited this destructive behaviour.

      Look at Jim Stirling’s quote above and the link provided. It was written during the PS3 days.

      • Jack says:

        Someone else tries to force their opinion as fact and you run with it. I hope this is not your only job.

      • Rudero says:

        Actually, I disagree. Let’s take this gen for instance, sure, Sony fans made fun of the reveal and the direction Microsoft wanted to go, but look at the good that came from it. Microsoft fans have been downplaying actual games in putting down the playstation because of indi games? How does putting good inexpensive games down and slamming them help the gaming industry? This has to do with harm. Dragging good games through the mud, making fun of cheap alternatives between the heavy hitters that are not cheap is an awesome alternative to having no games releasing at all. And a lot of those games are free with the ps+ subscriptions of which is even more of a value to consumers. Etc etc. go to sites like ign if you want to see destructive fanboys from the Microsoft camp. It is disgusting.

      • G. Lehri says:

        Jack, this is my only job yes. Writing one article a week for a small gaming site. I survive on a diet of peanuts and photosynthesis.

        Also, who says I ran with Stirling’s opinion? It just reaffirmed my own.

        • Jack says:

          You ran with it and used it as a shield to help deflect the comments. Instead of trying to make an enemy of the community, fanboys or not, report something of actual interest to all gamers? You have lumped yourself in with the mass of crap that slings mud around hoping someone might take interest. You’re not only wasting your time and life, but now others who made the mistake of falling for this clickbait.

          • G. Lehri says:

            Sorry Jack but that’s simply not true. In fact, we were going to do a video about point number 1 but alas, we couldn’t be bothered in the end.

            I appreciate your concern about how I spend the time in my life but you needn’t fret over it my friend. #yolo

            Also, Gameondaily is WAY above all the other flamebait shite out there. We just keep it real.

            I don’t need to use anyone as a shield. Stirling merely reaffirmed my opinion. If anything, it’s a an honour for him.

      • DeadRabbits says:

        Respectfully I don’t know nor care whom Jim is. Fact is be it SONY or XBOX FANBOY they are both as Loyal or as Fanatical as the other!
        Unfortunately for XBONE (just like a Football Team with a Weaker Squad then their Rivals) they have the Weaker Spec on paper!

        • G. Lehri says:

          Yes agreed Dead rabbits but this isn’t a comparison article. Stop proving point number 1 for me! It’s scary

  22. Kamille says:

    poor butthurt fanboy writing a piece to use it as cover for his butthurt fanboy rant.

  23. AggroCrag says:

    Sounds like the author got his lunch money stolen by Sony fans.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can not believe the stuff people will write on a website. You understand the consoles are pretty much the same and its personal preference? I will end the matter about which us the better console because the answer is neither the correct answer is the Sega mega drive.

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