The NPD figures for April have revealed many interesting figures. Whilst the continued domination of the PlayStation 4 is not as big a surprise, what we found really surprising is simply how low the sales were for the Xbox One console.

Xbox One's are clearly not flying off the shelves

Xbox One’s are clearly not flying off the shelves

Microsoft (surprisingly) chose to reveal the sales figures for the Xbox One and the figures are not good at all; only 115,000 Xbox Ones were sold in April. To put things into perspective, the Xbox 360 has never sold as little as this, with the exception of last month, which is understandable, considering the fact that we are well within the later ‘generation’ of gaming. The reason for Microsoft’s latest announcement that the Xbox One would no longer be sold with the Kinect camera is now clear; the Xbox One is struggling greatly against the PlayStation 4 and in its home-turf, or what used to be its home-ground. We mentioned this in a previous article immediately after the announcement regarding the removal of the Kinect from future Xbox One bundles but we now have the facts to back up what, frankly, a lot of people suspected anyway.

Furthermore, Sony have announced that Infamous: Second Son was the best-selling next-gen title in April. Now this really is surprising considering the great lengths Microsoft went to to advertise and promote Titanfall, even including the game for free in its console bundles.

Needless to say, Microsoft are fighting an uphill battle, and the pressure to deliver at E3 will be even greater. Do you think the removal of the Kinect will make a big difference in the Xbox One’s performance in the USA? Let us know in the comments below.


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9 Responses

  1. DarenG says:

    I owned a PS4 first and picked one up because it was cheaper. Both console libraries sucked out of the gate so it came down to price for me. I did end up picking up an XBOX ONE but not until later. Not everyone can afford two consoles. Could I only have one, it would have been the PS4 because of price.

    I don’t care about any of the other fanboy fodder (resolution gate etc.). I just want a console with good games. I am loyal to gaming not a console. I have played Titanfall and love it but at $100 dollars more I don’t blame anybody for not jumping on the bandwagon. Most of my friends with PS3 and XBOX 360s are still on those systems and don’t plan on jumping ship just yet for either. They all sort of say the same thing….not enough must have games for either system.

    I am sure at $100 dollars cheaper there will be some fans picking up an XBOX ONE and maybe that helps pick up sales. However, neither system is a must have system for gamers right now. Not at least until the game libraries vastly improve or price points for both system hits that magical price to value tipping point.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It wont make a difference they added useless things to focus more on tv and movies then games plus its big and bulky with that huge box on the cable they toke a step back to the original xbox

  3. Zarbor says:

    Geesh, some of you folks can’t read and several have no common sense whatsoever. I have a PS4 and enjoying Infamous but it only outsold Titanfall on XB1 in APRIL….only APRIL not overall. This article is great for Sony fans but not reality.

    As of the end of April Infamous has sold 1.22 milion worldwide
    Titanfall XB1 has sold 1.69 million worldwide

    Lets use a little common sense people. How many PS4s to XB1 worldwide? The PS4 has a 2-2.5 million lead in the userbase. Considering that it has way more consoles and Infamous is the top title, lets not skew the reality. The reality is that Titanfall is not only doing better but better on a whole lot less consoles. That’s no victory for Infamous.

    Sony is leading the hardware console war but MS is winning the software war……for now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Titanfall on Xb1 alone didn’t outsell Infamous. Titanfall with combined sales from Xb1, 360,PC and XB1 bundle did outsell Infamous. That is like 4 against 1. Talks about common sense lol

  4. Cam says:

    Infamous highest selling next gen game. Titanfall isn’t a next gen game. Words were chosen carefully.

  5. Donny says:

    Everything is meaningless until we see how much ps4 and Infamous actually sold. Ps4 could have sold 150,000 for all we know. In fact, I guarantee that it was abysmal for sony since they didn’t actually give us numbers. How they got the infamous stuff is seriously spinning, because Infamous didn’t even land in the top 10 game chart for the month on the NPD.

    • Kennis says:

      What an idiot. Infamous wasn’t in the top 10 because all the other games were multiplat, including TitanFall which is on 3 systems and was given free and still is on Amazon. Now infamous is an exclusive and was the best selling game period. Let’s say u compare it with cod ghost on ps4 only it would be on top of that.

    • Rene says:

      “Ps4 could have sold 150,000 for all we know. In fact, I guarantee that it was abysmal for sony since they didn’t actually give us numbers”

      –Even with 150,000, that’s still 35K more than XB1. And that’s only US sales which is MS strongest market. If you add up the sales everywhere else including those territories that don’t have the XB1 yet, it’s a big deal different.

      “How they got the infamous stuff is seriously spinning, because Infamous didn’t even land in the top 10 game chart for the month on the NPD”

      –Sony claimed that Infamous was the best selling “next-gen” title. Do you see any single next-gen title that it’s not multi-platform sits on top of Infamous in NPD list? Titanfall, NBA2K14, Assasins Creed, Etc.. are multi platform mind you.

    • lostn says:

      XB1 version of Titanfall sold abysmally. It’s #1 because of the 360. Infamous on PS4 outsold TF on XB1.

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