Cliffy B sings praises for The Last of Us


Cliff Bleszinski and his appreciation for the developers Naughty Dog continues as he now plays through ND’s latest blockbuster hit, The Last of Us. As can be seen via his twitter feed (, he thinks quite highly of The Last of Us and compares it to Resident Evil 4, which, is widely recognised as one of the best Resident Evil games to date.

Here are some of his sentiments:

“Foliage is hard in games and I’m seeing some stellar work here”

“This game is making me feel the same feels as Resident Evil 4 did so far.”

“Nice opening”

Naughty Dog reciprocated Cliff Bleszinski’s excitement over loading up The Last of Us (he tweeted to confirm the same) by wishing him luck in the game.

We hope that he is playing the game on Hard. He was, after all, a pro gamer at one point!

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