Bungie and Activision are really making it hard to defend their cash cow that is Destiny. This was once a title that left our imagination racing at the possibility of the first true MMO FPS on consoles with massive scale and scope. What we ended up with is a semi-competent shooter with some MMO elements loosely tacked on, the worst of which was the grinding element. Destiny is starting to represent everything that is wrong with the the modern gaming model in terms of a lack of proper content, DLC milking and more. Now, with the announcement that the new House of Wolves DLC won’t even include a new raid, we are ready to sharpen those pitchforks because it seems like Bungie are intent on taking their fans for a ride. We are not happy. Frankly, we are quite pissed off here at GameOnDaily.

Tell 3 of your mates to fuck off when the new DLC comes out

Tell 3 of your mates to fuck off when the new DLC comes out

The raids in Destiny have been the only thing close to what we call ‘proper gameplay’ as opposed to just one endless grind. Really, the ill thought out campaign with little to no story, the recycled strikes and weekly missions and all are just one massive grind but the raids have been the saving grace for this immensely over-hyped game. The Vault of Glass raid is actually really well thought out, demanding proper teamwork and coordination and whilst the Crota raid doesn’t come close to the brilliance of VoG, it still represents a tough as nails challenge with some brilliantly designed set pieces that make you feel part of something epic as opposed to a long coma inducing affair. So what on Earth are Bungie playing at with the new DLC and what have they got in store instead? A new Battle arena called The Prison of Elders. What is it? A horde mode that only supports 3 players. Great…


Just on the face of it, The Prison of Elders sounds like a complete grind. The raids had a mystery about them and promoted true social gameplay. How many of you Destiny players used the Raid Finder site to meet randoms to do a raid? Instead of actually bolstering the MMO elements of the game, Bungie are content with taking the easiest route out there. On their site they said the following:

Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year.



We don’t like getting shafted and Destiny, most of the time, with its ludicrous price/content ratio for DLC, pathetic RNG loot system and recycled content makes us feel like we’ve pulled our trousers down far too low but this move just makes us feel like complete utter mugs, clenching really hard to justify this move. But we cannot. What is the logic behind relegating the most popular content in the game for future DLC? How on Earth are we supposed to read that above statement and not actually be pissed off? You are relegating the most popular element of the game to future DLC which you obviously doubtlessly make us pay for? Most of the community feels like Bungie have a burden to discharge; to set the wrongs right by justifying the lack of content with their DLC but instead, the development outfit seems intent on pissing on us and then making us pay for the whole affair. None of us at the team really like getting R Kelly’d (well maybe The Marb does) but then again, we are the ones to blame for blindly purchasing the season pass in the hope that we might get content so deeply missing from Destiny.

Bungie have another burden added on to their shoulders

We aren’t the only ones who are pissed off. The community at large is livid and genuinely bemused at why Bungie made this decision, which they claim they didn’t make lightly. So yet again, Bungie have another burden added on to their shoulders. Aside from proving that Destiny can have content worthwhile of the hype, they now have to prove that their decision to remove the only decent bit of gameplay content from the game is justified. I tell you what; The Prison of Elders better be absolutely fucking incredible because there is only so much bullshit the community is willing to accept. Stay tuned for our review of the content, assuming we haven’t topped ourselves off in a fit of nerd rage.

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9 Responses

  1. The Marb says:

    The problem isn’t sop much the size of the DLC, its the price. If the smaller add ons were free or a couple of quid, that would be fine, ….these are £20 each!


  2. Scott says:

    I really do adore all the complaints about this game that are made by the same peeps that play it each and every day! If you are so upset about the game just stop playing it! I heard taking a walk, reading a book or getting a fresh copy of goodfellas are great remedies for those that are so upset about this video game! For the money, i bet you haven’t gotten a better time to dollar from ANY other game outside of Mario Brothers back in the day…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with you. To all you whiny, entitled, little bitches out there: STFU or GTFO.

      • The Marb says:

        These comments assume that us gamers would rather complain about something that have some great DLC and enjoy it. Absolutely incorrect assumption.

        I don’t play this every day (another incorrect assumption) and bought the pass for DLC 1 and 2 in good faith that the content would match the price point. The fact is the first pack did not and was embarrassing low on content and this looks to be the same.

        So no, it is not too much to ask a huge multinational corporation to price something reasonably. It can be done, look at Borderlands 2 for example. £8 DLC, bags of content, big smiles and praise all round.

    • Just to disprove Scott’s position entirely, I’ve had plenty of fun with Rayman Legends, Alien Isolation, Guilty Gear Xrd, Black Flag, Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within, Mortal Kombat X, Dark Souls 2, The Last of Us, GTA5, and Bloodborne. Simple fact of the matter is the last 2 years of gaming have been better than the 7 before that.

      And Goodfellas is the most overrated movie of all time.

  3. kapy says:

    Mr. Lehri clearly has no concept of what it takes to make content in the modern AAA space. Guess what: you can’t just shit out high-quality raids. Crota’s End wasn’t as good as Vault of Glass because there was less time for gameplay tuning. Do you want a raid that’s even worse? Or can you just trust a studio that has been making shooters for decades to properly scope their content and execute on something that they can adequately accomplish in the timeframe?

  4. DanGX says:

    So glad I didn’t get the season pass, which I think only covered the first two dlcs? Fuck this game, I’m done.

  5. Joe says:

    HAS another burden.. that being what’s highlighted the most in this article makes it look really unprofessional and in sore need of an editor for that and a few other things, all due respect :)

    • G. Lehri says:

      Bungie is a company comprising of individuals. The statement is obviously referencing all those that make up the company. So it is not actually incorrect although I see what you are getting at

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