There’s big rumors circling the internet about the leak of the next Call of Duty game. The next iteration in the long running first person shooter franchise is supposedly entitled Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and as an added bonus comes with a remastered version of the most popular title in the series, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Aside from a picture of some guy in silhouette holding a gun and a helmet (is it an astronauts helmet?) there is very little to go on on what the gamescodinfin setting and story will be based around? It’s been a long time rumour that thanks to each Call of Duty venturing further into the future and becoming more outlandish than the last that the next COD game will be set in space. Not quite sure what to make of that other than the fact I happen to be one of the many that wish the COD games would return back to the Modern Warfare days and be a little more realistic.

That’s why I’m glad to see the inclusion of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered with the next game and hopefully it isn’t just the single player that’s included. Modern Warfare turned the COD series into a global phenomenon with its action packed, tense single player and its fast paced addictive multiplayer and it is still regarded by many as the best all round COD experience. Xbox owners were waiting for the original game to be released via backward compatibility but as PS4 doesn’t have backward compatibility (unless you count PS Now) a remastered version now benefits both sets of console owners.

All good then yes?

Well not really no. I’m just speculating here but as you can see in the pic that the pre-order card is for something called the “Legacy Edition”, this leads me to assume that thanks to the inclusion of the remastered COD4 that this version will be more expensive? Also, will the remaster be made available for solo purchase for those of the COD community that want to indulge in some nostalgia but have grown disenchanted with the series over the last few games?

Also my main question and slight gripe is why just COD 4? Why not remaster the original 3 Modern Warfare games as one complete package? Hell why not go the whole hog and remaster the entire COD series and release on its own as the Legacy package with all multiplayers included? It’s not as if there isn’t a demand for these games to be re-released on the current gen consoles. On the most requested backward compatible games for Xbox One list the Call of Duty series dominates it with a total of six games in the top ten and Black Ops 2 topping the list outright.

Who knows, although it only looks like its just COD 4 that’s included maybe it does include the entire Modern Warfare series remastered? If you look CODat the pic above you will notice that the section at the top of the pre-order card which sports the Modern Warfare logo seems to have dropped the 4.

An Amazon listing also points to the entire Modern Warfare series being remastered rather than just the first Modern Warfare game with something called the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy. Of course this could simply just be a collection for PC as there is no mention of a remastering within the listing (in fact there isn’t really anything in the listing other than a name).

Still I’m looking forward to playing through the single player campaign again and experiencing the tense All Ghillied Up mission once again (though I outright refuse to get the Mile High Club achievement again). Also it will be nice to play a COD multiplayer game that isn’t trying to be like Titanfall or one that goes over the top with the futuristic gadgets.

Guess we’ll find out next Tuesday when the next Call of Duty is set to be unveiled to the world.

What do you think? Are you happy that COD 4 Modern Warfare is being remastered? Would you rather it be a trilogy? What do you think Infinite Warfare has in store?

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