Echo Arena is coming to the Rift on July 20th and it will be free to all those who download it in the first 3 months after launch according to a forum post made by Ready at Dawn on the Oculus Forums.

Echo Arena is a zero gravity Virtual Reality sports game and looks pretty much what we imagined VR games would be like when watching classics like Tron!

Make sure to nab the game in a few days. It won’t cost you anything.

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  1. This reminds me a scene from Enders Game, where the kid recruits are in a zero gravity arena.

    As sports games get more physical, with VR and motion controls, I hope this doesn’t end up with people like me, who are not that good at sports, having a tough time playing these games.

    Finally, in that trailer it says you can hit harder in zero gravity. Is that true?

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