We’re simple minded folk here at Gameondaily (well I am ). I embrace the console war malarkey wholeheartedly whilst Ed cries for pacifism. So when I attended EGX 2015 this year, it was natural for me to look at what the ‘big 3′ were offering and size them up against each other. After all, that is what you really want right? So without further ado, I give you Booth Wars, an indictment on my maturity as a gamer and also an excuse for us all to fling shit each other (you know you love it)…or maybe have a nice well rounded and balanced discussion as we share our thoughts about which company we think performed better in the show at Birmingham? Ha! As if that will happen. Have you a look at our video below where I delightfully show you around EGX 2015 and what the big guys were showing…and a kid eating a sandwich:


We know what to expect from Nintendo don’t we? There aren’t usually many earth shattering games on display and EGX 2015 was no different. What should be said though is that Nintendo, as always, has such a breadth of unique quality experiences and giant serving of Mario everywhere. Its booth presence however was very small; smallest out of the lot from my observations and whilst it was crowded due to this, it didn’t have the buzz Sony and Microsoft were generating. People were having a lot of fun with Super Mario Maker and other Mario games (as you do) but as a whole, Nitendo’s booth was a more relaxed and conservative affair.


Microsoft had a decent booth and by far the best choice in music. Seriously the DJ needs to be commended. The queues for Tomb Raider and Halo 5: Guardians were absolutely massive and the staff appeared FAR more friendly and accomodating than those at the Sony booth.

The Elite Controller is simply sublime. Seriously.

The Elite Controller is simply sublime. Seriously.

Going hands-on with the Elite Controller was something special. Already pre-ordered, the Elite controller sits there like a timed bomb  ready to explode in my wallet but I don’t care. Honestly, the Elite Controller might be the best controller ever made. A separate video preview will be published shortly.

I went hands-on with Halo 5: Guardians which was incredible fun and looks set to do wonders for the legendary series this gen. Other games on display were Rare Replay, Forza Motorsport 6 (super mega late review coming soon) and many indie titles. Interestingly, the queue to play Cuphead was as long as some of the big AAA titles. 

All in all, a good booth with arguably the best AAA titles to play at EGX.


Sony had by far the largest booth of them all mainly because of their marketing deals with Activision as Star Wars: Battlefront, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Destiny commanded so much floor space. The queue for Star Wars Battlefront and the mp mode was absolutely enormous, circling around in on itself. What a good deal Sony have struck and this will no doubt help massively in sales this holiday season alongside COD. First party AAA titles are thin on the ground this year but third parties padded out the Sony floor very well with brilliant exhibits like a gigantic TIE fighter (which I shamelessly call an AT-AT) or the car from Mad Max replete with all sorts of rusty goodness.

Even Big Boss made an effort at Sony's booth

Even Big Boss made an effort at Sony’s booth

One of the stars of the show was Sony’s VR demos which I unfortunately did not have an opportunity to sample but I did speak to several others who did (their impressions will be posted later) and almost everyone praised Sony’s efforts. The only three concerns were price, comfort and the visuals.

The winner in the battle of the booths is a clear one. Sony, who commanded the largest presence, with the greatest crowd and the latest tech were the stars of the show and this fall, expect this kind of strength to lend itself to strong sales for all things PlayStation in the UK. However, for all you level headed gamers out there, there was something for everyone at this year’s EGX.

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