With a few hours to go for Microsoft’s E3 conference it looks like some people outside of the company itself are privy to ALL the details of the Xbox conference taking place today. This comes from Nerd Leaks, who have so far been reliably leaking all information regarding the Xbox One so far, and now state that they are aware of the Xbox conference in its entirety and will be posting details shortly.

final fantasy 15The details they have posted so far include the leaking of details regarding Forza Horizon 3, new DLC for The Division known as The Division Underground and that Final Fantasy XV will be shown off at the Xbox conference (amongst other news).

Apparently Gears of War 4 doesn’t get a showing at E3 (which we find odd- this surely cannot be true) and Microsoft will making a passing remark regarding the new rumoured Xbox Scorpio console which will apparently be ‘the most powerful console ever’.

At this rate Microsoft may want to start their conference now! Don’t take this as gospel however. These are still rumours!

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2 Responses

  1. Cypher says:

    You’re pathetic.

  2. Xbox One is da best says:

    No the persconference from Microsoft blows poor Sony’s persconference out of the water with all AAA games games and some more games that are coming out this year and the beginning of 2017.
    Sony failed really bad at their games. All the PS4 games i saw where all bad and boring. And they where games that will come out in 2018, yes 2018!!!!!!!
    And in 2018 the superior Xbox Scorpio will crush the sales of first the PoS4 and the Pos Neo. Microsoft will rule again, just like with the Xbox 360. You want the best consoles and the best games ???
    There is only one company that will give you that, and that is the mighty and unbelievable rich company in the world, yes that is Microsoft.
    Microsoft will go on till poor Sony is bankrupt. xbox rules.

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