Fallout Teased By Bethesda

Bethesda has Tweeted out a pic which suggests that Fallout news is on the way very soon.

The Tweet leads to an official Bethesda page that has an image stating “Please Stand By” and a clock that has less than 24 hours to go.

This indicates that we are due to hear more from Bethesda at around 3pm GMT tomorrow.


GameOnDaily Opinion:*We’re sorry but we cannot bring you this writers opinion as his head has just exploded from the overwhelming excitement this Tweet has caused, we apologise for any inconvenience.



Xcom 2 Announced! Exclusive to PC!

After teasing us all last week via a site called: AdventFuture.org, 2K has revealed that the site was actually a lead up to its announcement of Xcom 2.xcom

Xcom 2 is a follow up to huge hit Xcom: Enemy Unknown and will be developed by Firaxis Games again. The sequel is set in the future where the aliens are now in control of the earth and the Xcom unit is forced to fight from below the surface and try to overthrow the Advent government.

New features include:

Four of the five new soldier classes

New enemies: Evolved Sectoids, snake-lady Vipers, and Advent soldiers

Stealth-infused tactics, including using cover for concealment and looting fallen enemies and allies

A mobile base: a flying aircraft carrier called the Avenger

Procedurally generated maps and the technology that powers them

Mod support, including official mod tools and Steam Workshop integration

One-on-one multiplayer

It has been confirmed that the sequel in the turn-based tactical combat series will be released this November.

GameOnDaily Opinion: Split on this, on one side I’m extremely happy because Enemy Unknown was one of the stand out titles during the last generations console run and I thoroughly look forward to playing the sequel. On the other side as someone who prefers to play games on console I am disappointed that 2K has decided against releasing a console version, at least for now. Though it bodes well for PC users that the game is being developed solely PC meaning that it won’t be held back by the current consoles limitations.


Techland Clarify Hellraid’s Situation

Last month developer Techland announced that it was shelving its hack and slash first person fantasy game Hellraid leading many into believing theyhellraid had cancelled the game entirely.

Techland have moved to clarify that Hellraid has not been cancelled at all, it has merely been placed on hold so as to concentrate on its latest and highly popular zombie IP Dying Light.

“Right now we want to concentrate on Dying Light,” CEO Pawell Marchewka told Eurogamer. “We wanted to be fair with the fans so we wanted to send a clear message, especially as a lot of the people were expecting new things coming from Hellraid at E3 and Gamescom. We decided to take the pressure away. …. But putting on hold means we want some of the resources to concentrate on Dying Light, and once they do what needs to be done we will come back to Hellraid.”

“It’s definitely not dead. It’s just we want to make sure the needs from our Dying Light players are satisfied as quickly as possible and we needed some resources for that.”

Marchewka went on to explain that once the studio will once again focus on Hellraid once Dying Light has met its full completion.  He continued that more info on Hellraid could be available by the end of this year.

GameOnDaily Opinion: This is what you get when people read into things and assume something that isn’t. It seemed pretty clear that Hellraid was being sidelined whilst Techland got everything out of the way with Dying Light, but I guess that felt they had to explain it for those who seem to jump to conclusions.


Bungie Files “Eververse” Trademarks

It would appear that mid-way through last month developer Bungie filed three trademarks with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, as destiny_eververse_logo_trademark-600x535reported by Neogaf.

The three patents are for “Eververse”, “Eververse Trading Co.,” and lastly a logo which may be linked with the first two trademarks. The trademarks all link to video games but also stretch to comics, graphic novels and strangely Halloween costumes.

It’s rumoured that the patents could be related to Bungie’s hugely popular Destiny series and that the “Eververse Trading Co.,” could be leading up to a highly requested player-to-player trading system in which to swap unwanted gear.

GameOnDaily Opinion: Although I know fans have wanted a trading feature to be implemented within Destiny I find it a tad hard to believe that this relates to one. I could be completely wrong though but when Halloween costumes are part of the patent you got to start thing that Bungie have something bigger on the horizon.


Is a 1TB PS4 On The Way?

A report from Engadget has indicated that an FCC listing details two new PS4 SKUs are on the way with a likely announcement to be made at this

PS4 hammeryear’s E3.

One of the SKU’s listed suggests that a 1TB hard drive version of the popular Sony machine is on the way, current PS4 SKU’s contain a 500GB hard drive and those wanting larger storage are having to swap out their drives for one of their choice.

The listing also contains hints that the new SKU’s will be slightly lighter leading many to believe that Sony may be ditching the Blu Ray drive, but more likely it could just be internal component tweaks leading to a lighter console.

GameOnDaily Opinion: We have no doubt that a PS4 with a bigger HD could be announced at E3 but the rumours stating that Sony will remove the Blu-Ray drive are ridiculous.


Nintendo Deny NX Will Be Android Based

Rumours yesterday suggested that Nintendo’s recently announced NX system may be Android based.Nintendo NX

Today though a Nintendo spokesperson denied the rumours in a iinterview with the Wall Street Journal.

A statement reads: “There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX.”

GameOnDaily Opinion: Thank god for that, now we can go back to our dreams of a super powerful Nintendo console that doubles as Optimus Prime at the weekends.

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