I have been a staunch supporter of crossplay on all platforms from day one and I have encountered many excuses from naysayers about why the feature can’t/won’t work. All those excuses, in my opinion, are utterly baseless and now that I have experienced first hand, playing Fortnite with my mates on PS4 and PC, together, all those excuses get completely obliterated. Crossplay is here, it works great and should be embraced by all gamers. I tested the crossplay feature on Fortnite for several hours with one mate playing on the PS4 and two of us on PC.

How Fortnite Does Crossplay

IranianNutcase on the left is our resident "console peasant " as some would say

IranianNutcase on the left is our resident “console peasant ” as some would say

Fortnite prompts you to create an account with Epic Games on both consoles and PC before you play the game. PC players will have to join the console player’s lobby and from there, you can invite others. That’s it! Very surprisingly, game chat works perfectly fine between PS4 and PC (we did not test this feature with the Xbox One version of the game). That came as a shock to me as I did not think it was possible and imagine my surprise as I could suddenly hear my mate in the game. We appeared to be playing on PC servers as PSN ID’s do not allow spaces between names and other random players also confirmed to us that they were PC players. They too were also surprised that they had a console player in their midst.

Gameplay Balance?

Fortnite’s PvP mode is free to play and this is the mode we played via crossplay.  The advantages that a keyboard and mouse give over a control pad cannot be denied; the kbm setup grants you far more accuracy than a controller does, despite the aim assist available on controllers. Furthermore, Fortnite runs on 30fps on PS4, with an option to run at uncapped fps on the Ps4 Pro but its performance on the latter console isn’t all that consistent. Depending on your PC rig, you should be running the game at 6ofps easy and its not that demanding in terms of specs. You would think that the console player would find itself completely at a disadvantage but that is not necessarily the case. Our PS4 player, Ben has no trouble getting kills and you would be hard-pressed to identify him as having a disadvantage based on the numerous games we have played. Of course, others might struggle more than Ben does but the point is, the advantage of kbm over controller isn’t necessarily prohibitive.

Shared Content

No need to be forever alone when you have crossplay between platforms

No need to be forever alone when you have crossplay between platforms

What is really interesting is that your progress and content bought is tied on to your Epic account which you can access on PS4 and PC (we did not test the Xbox version of this). Therefore, your character progression, the items you buy or the PvE mode that you purchase carry over between the two platforms. Platform holders might be wary of this in the future as this might be cutting them out of the picture as far any commission they get from microtransactions but for now, this right here is an example of crossplay working beautifully.

No Excuses

Fortnite stands as a great example of why crossplay should become the industry standard. The fact that, at one point, Xbox gamers were playing Fortnite together with their PC and PlayStation counterparts is also something to consider. Technically it works and conceptually, it is an equitable solution to an archaic barrier that has existed for far too long. I hope Sony reconsiders its stance on crossplay as a whole and Microsoft does more than babble on about crossplay vocally and actually put pressure to make it an industry standard.

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2 Responses

  1. Very interesting. I haven’t had the opportunity to play “Fortnite” (is that a typo?) but I welcome the move to cross platform play, especially from Sony. Two areas I find particularly interesting in your write up are the playing on PC servers and also microtransactions.

    Is it strange that you have to join a console gamer’s lobby but then play on a PC server? Are PC servers what people refer to when they speak about “dedicated servers”? Either way, the more games that can run like this, the closer we’ll get to gaming utopia.

    I watched the furore of the EA / Battlefront debacle from afar, but it would seem microtransactions are here to stay. Given the parties involved, it would appear that microtransactions are more of a priority to the games developers/publishers than the console/network holders, so in the fortnite scenario (and maybe future ones) it might be fine to carry on as-is.

    I do wonder how the balance of Keyboard and Mouse vs. Controller will play out as I can’t imagine it being very fair at all. You can only add so much aim assist before you ruin the game for console players. Will they give you options to exclude PC players from matches?

    One final point on cross-format play, I think there are/have been a few commentators on here (either XBox or PS “fan boys”) who have a great opportunity to duke it out!

    • Gaz says:

      Fortnite is spelt like that oddly enough.

      Well you only happen to join a PC lobby because you have someone from PC in your party. The game does not expressly confirm that you are in a PC server but you can tell from the fact that other players have spaces in between their names which is something PSN does not allow.

      The balance between KBM vs controller is a very important point. Ultimately the console player will be at a disadvantage as that player will be playing in a PC server.

      “One final point on cross-format play, I think there are/have been a few commentators on here (either XBox or PS “fan boys”) who have a great opportunity to duke it out!”

      More reason for it to happen haha!

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