Halo 5 Will Have 15 Free Maps and Nathan Fillion Returns

Thanks to Game Informer we now have loads of info on Microsoft and 343 Industries’ Halo 5 Guardians which is due to release this October.

The story will see our favourite armoured hero joining up with Spartan-II combat sub-unit Blue Team, who comprise of Linda, Fred and Kelly. These NATHANcharacters will not only turn up as AI characters for those playing single player but will also become playable during the games 4 player co-op.

Master Chief and his team were originally abducted and turned into super soldiers and were a big part of the expanded Halo fiction. The beginning of the game sees the Blue team declared as AWOL from the UNSC and assign Spartan Jameson Locke to locate the Master Chief with the help of his own support squad, Fireteam Osiris. One of the members will be Halo 3: ODST’s Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck who will once again be played by Nathan Fillion.

So that’s the campaign, now to the multiplayer side of things.  According to the article Halo 5 will launch with 20 multiplayer maps, but 343 also planginformerning to release another 15 as DLC. How much will this DLC cost? Well according to Studio Head Josh Holmes they are planning to release the maps for absolutely nothing, so to not segregate the community. The maps should all be available by June 2016.

“When you have paid map packs and content, you divide the player base into two groups: the haves and the have-nots,” Holmes said. “The people that have the map pack can play together but the people who don’t cannot. That to us is a real problem. So we’re delivering all the maps to all players free so everybody will be able to play together. That, we feel, is really important to having a great multiplayer ecosystem.”

Holmes continued to say Halo 5 represents “the biggest investment we’ve made in multiplayer in series history. We’re trying to provide as much variety and different ways to play for different play styles, just an immense amount of content.”

Lastly Halo 5’s 4 player co-op mode will not require an Xbox Live Gold Subscription in order to player the mode online. The bad news though is that there will no longer be a split-screen co-op option.

GameOnDaily Opinion: At this rate I can’t imagine there being anything left to surprise us at this year’s E3, plus I’m pretty sure Microsoft and 343 won’t be happy about this news getting revealed before E3. The story stuff isn’t a big deal but an announcement of free Halo maps for all would have led to some big cheers during the conference. In terms of the news the story sound brilliant and we’re glad to see Nathan Fillion’s Buck return. The free multiplayer maps is a huge deal and terrific service from 343, as is waving the need for a gold sub to play online co-op. 343 are planning to bring the community together and this is a great way to do this.


Mirrors Edge Catalyst is Now Officially the New Name of Mirrors Edge 2

Developer DICE has officially unveiled the new name for their Mirrors Edge reboot, Mirrors Edge Catalyst. The Swedish developer states that the mirrorgame is in no way a sequel but rather a re-imaging “that honours the first game”.

The game was originally announced back at E3 2013 and will now make its official debut under its new guise at this year’s E3, presumably during EA’s press briefing.

DICE has officially revealed that the next Mirror’s Edge will be called ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ and not plain old Mirror’s Edge or Mirror’s Edge 2. In fact, the Swedish developer is keen to note that the game is not a sequel, but a new vision “that honours the first game”.

“Mirror’s Edge has always had a special place in the hearts of all of us at DICE. The first game had a lot of promise. It was unlike anything else in terms of the gameplay and style – it had a unique soul. But as much as we loved that game, we knew it could be more. So that’s what we have set out to do as we introduce Mirror’s Edge to a new generation,” says Sara Jansson, Senior Producer at DICE.

“The team has spent a lot of time re-evaluating every aspect of the game and making it a new experience. This is not a sequel, this is not Mirror’s Edge 2. We have landed on a vision that honours the first game – pushing the boundaries of first person movement and diving deeper into the story behind our heroine Faith – but also brings a lot of great new, interesting gameplay and features to the experience for our players.”

GameOnDaily Opinion: Another game where a leak has spoiled the surprise element of E3, not that we weren’t expecting to see Mirrors Edge but the name change and reason behind it would have been nice to hear first at the show of shows. Ah well, guess we’ll just have to settle for game footage and a release date.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Will Launch on Last Gen After All

When Treyarch announced Call of Duty: Black Ops III back in April there was no mention of a last console generation version for Xbox 360 and PS3.blops3 Activision has now confirmed that there will indeed be a last-gen version, with both Beenox (Spiderman series) and Mercenary Technology (Black Ops Declassified) heading up the development.

“We know that there are still some fans that haven’t made the transition to the new console hardware,” Activision said in a statement.

The proposed versions will not include all of the features seen in the Xbox One and PS4 versions, most notably is the 4 player co-op being scaled back to just 2 players.

“There will also be some other features and functionality built specifically for the new generation of consoles that cannot be supported on Xbox 360 and PS3,” the statement continues. “We’ll be sharing more information regarding feature differences from one console generation to another later this year as launch on November 6 approaches.”

GameOnDaily Opinions: I think it’s good that Activision have decided not to forget some of their loyal fans who’ve not made the transition to the current gen for whatever reason. It’s also good that they have handed over development to someone rather than have Treyarch develop both versions and risk the current gen version suffering.


Is Retro Studios Teasing an Appearance at E3?

Metroid Prime series developer Retro Studios,inc., who are also the team behind the hit Wii U game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, have Tweeted out what might be a potential E3 appearance tease.

The studio’s official Twitter account Tweeted:

What could the elusive Tweet point to? Maybe another Metroid Prime? Guess we’ll have to wait till E3 to find out.

GameOnDaily Opinion: From the looks of that Tweet it could be anything? It could be the HD remastering of Dig dug, a Macho Man role playing game or maybe the return of Frogger with the Honey Smacks frog as the star. Hopefully though we will get a new Metroid Prime game, I love that series.


Dark Souls 3 Promotional Image Points to E3 Reveal

Media website IGN has obtained a promotional image which practically announces the existence of Dark Souls 3.DS3-IGN-FINAL

The image shows a war torn hero in battered, flaming armour and a tagline stating an “Early 2016.”

Rumours have been doing the rounds over the last few months about a potential sequel to the tough as nails series. If these rumours are to be believed, then the game will be released no later than March 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

GameOnDaily Opinion:  I think that this practically confirms we’ll be seeing this at E3, yet I’m going to be controversial here and say it’ll be on Sony’s stage and some sort of exclusivity deal will be announced.


Rumours Suggest The Last Guardian May Be at E3

According to reports The Last Guardian may finally be shown off at Sony’s E3 briefing this year.guardian

The source of the rumour comes from the Guardian’s (ironic huh) most anticipated games of E3 2015, claiming that they have it “on very good authority that this will be the year that Team Ico finally presents its follow-up to much loved classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.”

The Last Guardian will finally be getting a re-reveal at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, according to a new report.

The Last Guardian has been in development hell since its initial unveiling for the PS3 way back in 2009. Sony commented on the games current situation stating that the game was progressing “under completely new conditions,”.

GameOnDaily Opinion: If the rumours turn out to be true then it’s about bloody time. Too many PlayStation fans have been waiting for this game and Sony needs clarify whether or not the game still exists.


Ubisoft’s ZombiU Could be Heading to Xbox One and PS4

Gaming website Unseen64 is under the impression that ZombiU is currently in development for both the Xbox One and PS4.zombiu

During their video they state “This project is one I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while,”.

“This project is one I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while,” it says in a video, which can be seen below. “It’s been in flux for some time but I’ve recently received some information that it’s finally found its feet and could be ready to surface soon.

“This is not confirmation that it will see release. I am confirming that it is in development and the Ubisoft team is finally ready to move forward with it. Maybe there is some hope at Ubisoft that they can turn this around and they can build this into a viable franchise.”

CEO Yves Guillemot said that the game was “not even close” to being profitable, leaving any hope for a potential sequel practically non-existent, even if the game was received fairly well by critics.

GameOnDaily Opinion: First things first, whats the game going to be called? You can’t just drop the U from the title because Zombi just looks like a hipsters attempt at making the game seem more appealing.  Secondly, how is it going to work? The game used the Wii U pad quite heavily if I recall so that’ll be interesting.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Announced

Konami has made the (unsurprising) announcement of PES 2016, with Brazilian wonder kid and recent Champions League winner Neymar Jr. acting neymaras cover star.

The FC Barcelona and Brazil forward will be the face of the games marketing campaign, taking over from last year’s cover star Mario Goetze. Neymar ‘s teammate Lionel Messi is the current cover star of rival franchise FIFA.

“This is a real honour for me to be cover star for PES 2016,” said  Neymar Jr. “The series has long been praised for its sheer level of control and utter realism and I am delighted to be working with such a talented team as Konami. I am fascinated by the huge amount of work involved in putting together the game and ensuring the world’s top players look and play just like the real things, and cannot wait to see myself in action as soon as possible.”

Pro Evo 2016 is scheduled for a full reveal this Friday, in the meantime you can check out the short trailer below.


GameOnDaily Opinion: Yep there’ll be football games this year kids, who’d have thought? Also I’m not surprised that they went with Neymar Jr. Barcelona has been phenomenal this year and it was either him or Suarez and we know what kind of publicity he’s received in the past.


Ratchet & Clank Footage Shown Off in New Trailer

A trailer has finally been released for Ratchet & Clank’s first PS4 outing.

The game is essentially a remake of the original game which was released back in 2002 on the PlayStation 2. This is the first time the game has been ratchetseen running and the trailer also contains clips from the upcoming film.

“We knew early on that we didn’t want to just up-res Ratchet & Clank for PS2. We started out thinking of Ratchet & Clank (PS4) as a ‘re-imagining’ of the 2002 original, revised to tie in with the deeper version of Ratchet’s origin story as seen in the film,” the studio’s community lead James Stevenson said.

“We envisioned a curated Ratchet & Clank experience that borrowed from the spirit of the classic PS2 titles while infusing some of the best elements from the Ratchet & Clank Future games.

“We ended up with a new game, with elements based on the original – but now with modern controls, several new planets, new and updated gameplay segments, all-new Clank gameplay, all new boss fights, new flight sequences, and more, all constructed to take advantage of the PS4’s graphical prowess.”


GameOnDaily Opinion: It’s looking really good and I for one am glad that Insomniac didn’t just slap a coat of paint on this and churn it out without any care or love. Pay attention all other companies that want to remaster/remake their games; this is how you do it.


Is Hyrule Warriors Coming to 3DS?

The Wii U Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors crossover title Hyrule Warriors maybe making its way to the Nintendo 3DS.2538377-hyrule2

In an unlisted video posted on Koei Temco’s YouTube channel , the game is shown running on a 3DS and at the end of the video an image of the 3DS version with an arrow points towards the Wii U version, indicating that some content transfer maybe possible

The video is in Japanese but the word E3 is in the title leading to speculation that an official unveiling will be made during Nintendo’s E3 video.

Nintendo Everything claims the game will be called “Hyrule Warriors: All-Stars” and will include Tetra and King of Red Lions as playable characters.


GameOnDaily Opinion: This and the potential content transfers make perfect sense and could be very big business for Nintendo.


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