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Proprietor of and a die-hard gaming fan since I was old enough to hold a controller.

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19 Responses

  1. You’re a human sized tumor

  2. james says:

    wtf i like this game it helps me not kill people in real life and i enjoy the gore

  3. Anonymous says:

    “this is a sad attempt to capitalise on the controversy by the game devs” and you are feeding the controversy you fucking idiot.

  4. Crixus says:

    You Either like the game or you don’t i’ve been waiting on this game since i saw it on steam and just got done playing its fun..bottom line no one forces you to play it so either do play it or stop bitching and regulate what you let your children play and it won’t be a problem. i love how we blame sh*t on other stuff first it was music like marilyn manson and horror movies now it’s ohh the game is to violent…Don’t let your kids play it tell them go outside and play catch and STFU about banning it.

  5. Shorungan says:

    We dont need haters, this game will be the greatest game everrrrrrrr! Violence!

  6. And by the way, if you ask me, you are the filth not this beautiful work of art…
    If you had half the brains these artistic developers had, you would make a better life losers :)

    • Janice says:

      Ironic, considering this game is meant as an insult towards “video games as art”

  7. If you don’t like it, you can ignore it…
    It’s a free world we live in it ‘s so funny and foolish that simply because you don’t find something legit, you would ban that thing from the entire world…
    You do not deserve to right about video games

  8. Jai says:

    You idiot! The most offensive thing about this title…. is that you think you can actually tell people what they can and cant play! Dont worry about banning this game. I have a easier solution. Just go and dig a big deep hole and sit in that.’Maybe we can ban you from our society :) You dog! You go live yours and we will live ours

  9. Nick says:

    Anyone who says ban this can F**K OFF, Nobody is Making You Play it, Let alone even look at it. It’s called FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESSION!

    • G. Lehri says:

      You don’t have to censor the word fuck. We haven’t banned that word on here. Yet 😛

  10. Doucement says:

    What an absolute, knee-jerk, whiny reaction. Ban this, but not Vietnam games, any war game, first-person games where you maim and kill, GTA. Where’s your reaction to ban Vice City when you can walk into a disco and execute every innocent bystander? Why this, because he’s in a trench coat and it makes you uncomfortable? Get over yourselves and your site. This was probably to attract visitors to your site, well, hurrah for you, because it worked. Harden your skin.

  11. John Nemesh says:

    So, the First Amendment only applies when you agree with the content? If this game is “filth” (and it very well may be) who is to decide what else constitutes “filth”? You? The government? The Catholic Church? We live in a free society. If you want censorship, or a morality police, there are plenty of countries you could move to!

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