Sean Murray of No Man’s Sky fame came under a lot of flack for the perceived shortcomings of the insanely hyped indie title, No Man’s Sky. The game was a disappointment to many, including us and many were also incensed by Murray’s apparent dishonesty in marketing the game. Now Shuhei Yoshida has come to Sean Murray’s defence on the matter in an interview with Euorgamer  at the Tokyo Game Show  and his sentiments are interesting. Take a look below:

“I understand some of the criticisms especially Sean Murray is getting, because he sounded like he was promising more features in the game from day one.- Shuhei Yoshida

no-mans-liePromising features and not delivering on them is not exactly new in this industry. We have seen several games fall short of the masses of hype they love to generate and benefit from (see Destiny) but what makes Sean Murray’s efforts different is that not only did he fail to implement the features, he appears to have outright misled gamers about what the game would actually include and play like and then has proceeded to bury his head in the sand, or the wads of cash the game has generated (it has been extremely successful financially). It is actually great of Yoshida to acknowledge the fact that there are some criticisms that are warranted here. Yoshida however went on to say:

It wasn’t a great PR strategy, because he didn’t have a PR person helping him, and in the end he is an indie developer. But he says their plan is to continue to develop No Man’s Sky features and such, and I’m looking forward to continuing to play the game.

sean-murrayIn fairness, this was an indie title and of course, the luxuries like having a PR spokesman when you have such a small team are not always present. BUT, that does not excuse Murray here at all, particularly when looking at the price tag of the title that was as high as many fully fledged AAA titles. Furthermore, Hello Games not having a spokesman does not give Sean Murray carte blanche to mislead and essentially lie about the game. What frustrates me the most is how Murray simply dodged so many questions pertaining to the game and pretended that everything was great as the money rolled into his account. Murray’s plan to continue to develop No Man’s Sky in the future doesn’t excuse him either especially considering how he conducted the matter with his silence. Silence breeds enmity and in this case it appears entirely justified.

Shuhei Yoshida may be looking forward to playing the game in the future but I suspect many others will have moved on, fed up of the shortcomings of the title as it stands. I do hope that No Man’s Sky can one day become the title we all wanted it to be but I would appreciate a little bit more disclosure from Murray himself on the criticisms levied against him and his title.

What do you think? Does Sean Murray deserve a second chance? Is Yoshida right in excusing his missteps on the basis that No Man’s Sky is an indie title? Let us know in the comments below [no registration necessary]. 

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4 Responses

  1. Xbox One is da best says:

    $ony sucks as developer of games, all their FPGames are all crap, delayed till 2017 and 2018. The most of their own studios are delaying their “games”. And $ony is closing their first party studios left and right. Sony will lose alot money with the POS4 poop “pro”. And $ony’s PR is one big mess, and they are lying about the POS4pro 4K, sorry NOT real 4K. They are damagecontroling in full force, but nobody believes them only diehard PONIES.
    Microsoft will crush poor poor $ony…..?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sony didn’t develop the game, idiot. Hello Games did. Sony just marketed the shit out of it.

      Learn things before you spew idiotic garbage.

  2. hvd2222 says:

    sony is as much to blame as they are..they pushed this game for you actually think sony new nothing about how the game actually was?…this is onlther reason ill never buy a play station because of sonys lies.

  3. gerald says:

    murray has gone into hiding, too afraid to face the media. anyway, the game is not entirely trash and does have a few interesting concepts so he should continue improving it.

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