We had the opportunity to interview Graham Day, Konami’s Community Manager in the UK and had an interesting discussion with him about the incredible success of MGS V: The Phantom Pain, how MGS can work without Hideo Kojima and whether Konami was really giving up on console gamers for the sake of the mobile phone platform. Check out our video below:

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15 Responses

  1. I think its simply not the same, Kojima is everything about MGS.and the guy in the interview is both dumb and extremely naive. Still they get a chance to do something new and they should rather than destroy a good legacy.

  2. Oriental says:

    Konami is crazy?
    MGS need Hideo Kojima

  3. Markus says:

    New person fresh ideas,it could actually bring a better story and game.yes hideo was the bad ass of his time but his legacy lives on and something fresh would be amazing,hopefully more futuristic settings of stealth

  4. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, MGR isn’t a bad game it’s just the fact that MGS Players are too paranoid to realize it’s a hack-slash game and wasn’t supposed to be stealth…. and due to this they get pissed off because it has ‘METAL GEAR’ in the name even though Raiden was killing Metal Gears in the game. Idiots, not all of the MGS players. I think Konami should give up on MGS and continue the series of Metal Gear Rising. Metal Gear Rising was one of the most funnest hack and slash games second to Bayonetta 2, As it had very fun action and moves that carried on to Raiden’s bad ass appearance in 4 but even better with a CYBORG BODY, and it had a huge cast of memorable characters and was just an overall good game…. the cons was the game was short and the level designs were linear but given that if Konami decided to move on to the story of ‘RAIDEN’ and continued his story through Metal Gear Rising—The game could be very impressive on Next Gen and they would make huge bucks given that they work with Platinum and do not rush them like the last time. Just imagine seeing Raiden toss Metal Gear Rays in the air and slashing them in half on Next Gen Graphics? and imagine Metal Gear Rising in an Open World environment? There’s a lot they could do with it and I hope they get the idea to make a Metal Gear Rising Series as there are a lot of fans for this game, even non-mgs players.

    • Anonymous says:

      And you must remember… Kojima wasn’t fully involved but guided them onto the direction of Platinum…. and both Konami/Platinum worked on the project–Without Kojima. I think it’s perfect.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kill yourself metal gear rising was the worst metal gear game of the series period..

  5. Hannes says:

    I think Kojima should give it a year or two and then set up a Kickstarter for a new open world stealth game. Start it small and add kickstarter goals as the interest dictates, just like star citizen did. I think he’ll be very successful

  6. Paul Jones says:

    Video doesn’t work for me. Android OS.

    • Matt B says:

      Works for me as it is just an embedded YouTube video! Try using Chrome if you’re not already

  7. hvd2222 says:

    konami doesnt need Hideo Kojima?then konami doesnt need my money.

  8. Foxhoundvenom says:

    I liked rising but it was nowhere near the lvl of mgs there is no true metal gear with Kojima if mgs is the body Kojima is the mind Konami are trying to seperate the them the body cannot live without the mind 😉

  9. Cody says:

    It’s no longer Metal Gear Solid, Kojima created that. They’re now making Metal Gear games. Everything they’ve done and now saying, I’ve lost all love and respect for Konami. I love past titles, but they’ve lost sight of what really matters. And letting go Kojima and now saying all of this, even taking him name off the box of the new MGS game, I’m sure they’ll go under sooner or later.

  10. Aussiegamer says:

    I don’t think mgs is mgs without kojima

  11. MrTopRamen says:

    I agree with Christopher Stevens’ comments above, continuing on with the MGS franchise without Mr. Kojima is NOT a good idea. His vision of MGS will be polluted and detract from the core mechanics of the game as well as the MGS story. Hopefully, Konami does NOT pass the MGS franchise to various developers, which dilutes Mr. Kojima’s original story as well as game mechanics. Konami should have kept Mr. Kojima in order to release additional episodic MGS 5 : TPP DLC content, instead of cutting all ties with him. In my mind, I keep thinking this is all a publicity stunt to garner attention, in order to build up another release of MGS in a few years. But by the way events are unfolding at Konami, it is not looking good for both Mr. Kojima and Konami. They both need each other.

  12. Christopher Stevens says:

    Regarding mgs – me and my wallet say otherwise. I did get mgr…when it was bargain basement price and no I think kojima is important because he setup the franchise and to mix it up will highly likely result in changes that will detract from the original vision. I’d rather konami give up and/or sell the franchises as their rep lately has been far from golden.

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