E3 is nearly upon us and Microsoft has decided to change its usual Monday slot to a Sunday evening, which is a welcome change for many of us who do not want to scramble home from work to watch the show. This E3 will be quite a special one for Xbox as its almost seen as a re-launch for the ill-fated Xbox One, what with the official unveiling of the new mid-gen console, Project Scorpio. However, for months on end, the Xbox exclusive library, or lackthereof, has been a central focus ina  lot of discussions and debates about whether Microsoft is actually delivering the goods so the pressure is on to deliver. Will Microsoft deliver and re-instate the lost confidence of Xbox gamers or will it be a limp duck once again at E3? The Gameondaily team share their thoughts.

Gaz: Cautiously Pessimistic


How many times are we going to give Xbox the benefit of the doubt? Yes I know that the Scorpio will be unveiled and I too am excited for “the beast” to finally be shown after a year of speculation, fanfare, shit-flinging and drama. Many Xbox haters as well more rational critics keep pointing to the games and asking where they are and to be honest, its a very good question and owing to all the hype and bluster from team Xbox prior to past E3’s and them falling flat on their faces, I find it hard to get on the hype train especially when such a glaring question remains unanswered.

I suspect that Xbox will receive a thorough battering by Sony

Crackdown 3 gif“Just you wait for E3!”. Well how many E3’s do I have to wait for till Xbox will finally deliver? I am by no means writing off Xbox; heck if they deliver I will be more than happy but I feel like I would be taken for a mug just to get swept up by the hype on words alone. The Xbox Scorpio, or whatever it will be called has me excited; the specs alone are something to behold and have had quite a few haters unsettled and reneging on their old words but I want to see more new IP’s. Xbox needs to show me that it will deliver fresh new and diverse IP’s; something which it hasn’t really made any appreciable attempt at doing until the present moment. Oh and show me Crackdown and its cloud tech working so that I can really shove it to the haters who doubted something so vehemently.


Will Xbox deliver? Maybe but even with Scorpio, they need to nail the price down. When it comes to the games library? I suspect that Xbox will receive a thorough battering by Sony and I will be shocked to see otherwise. Surprise me Microsoft!

James: Scorpio!

JamesOnly one thing springs to mind this year when I think of E3, Project Scorpio. We know all the specs, including the recently announced extra gig added to the 8 that was announced purely for gaming development, but what we want to know is what does it look like, when is it coming and probably the most important question is what is it going to cost? Well in regards to the size I think we are looking at something similar to the Xbox One S but maybe a little sleeker and it will definitely ship in matt black.

If I’m reading the signs right i believe this could be Xbox’s year.

Scorpio GifI’m jumping on the bandwagon and stating that the Scorpio is getting a late October/early November release and I think we going to get a surprise and Microsoft will announce a £400 price point, yes I went with the crazy price cos that’s what’ll sell them to perspective buyers. Hopefully with the news that the Xbox conference will run longer than the standard 90 minutes in order to fit more games, this bodes well for new IP’s and maybe some old ones too to bolster the Xbox’s first party line-up.

With Microsoft banking on Scorpio to resurrect the past glories they have to deliver the goods and if I’m reading the signs right i believe they will and this could be Xbox’s year.

seifSeif: Gears of Bore

In all honesty, I don’t have much hope for Microsoft’s E3 presence. Sure, the prospect of new hardware is exciting, but it all boils down to one thing; the games. And I can’t honestly imagine Microsoft having much to combat the onslaught that will be Sony this year. No amount of Crackdown, Halo, or Gears of War can compete with the likes of God of War and The Last of Us 2.

Microsoft will need to pleasantly surprise us for any chance of a strong showing at E3 this year.

As for the Scorpio itself, if the recent spec leaks prove truthful, we could be in for a very versatile and powerful home console/computer hybrid. But do we really need it? I own an Xbox One and a Playstation 4 and I know which console I’d rather play. I use my Xbox as a Blu-Ray player simply because I have the media remote. Occasionally there will be an exclusive that will tickle my fancy but it simply won’t be enough to sway the market in their favour. The price point will be a major factor in people’s interest of course. I don’t know why, but Scorpio just sounds expensive. I think Sony and Nintendo simply have more going for them. Sony’s exclusives are GOTY candidates already, and they may have plans to increase their library of VR titles. Nintendo have a new console, and while there will be detractors, their first and second party titles are sure to be hits. Microsoft will need to pleasantly surprise us for any chance of a strong showing at E3 this year.

How do you think Microsoft will perform at this year’s E3? Will it deliver a stand-out show? Can it best its rival Sony this year? Let us know in the comments below. No registration necessary.

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