As we get closer to E3, it looks like Xbox is preparing to the reveal of the eagerly anticipated mid-gen console, code-named Xbox Scorpio. The console has now appeared on the Xbox Store and accompanying description is somewhat interesting to the say the least:

Xbox Scorpio MS Store

Some of you might say, hold up, what about the PlayStation 4 Pro? That does 4k too right? Well, for Microsoft to even justify the tagline above, the Xbox Scorpio needs to be able run games at the 4k resolution natively. Arguments have raged online about the method used on the PS4 Pro regarding checkerboard rendering, which many people equate to upscaling but others disagree. Nonetheless, this goes against Digital Foundry’s early reported leaked info about Scorpio, which apparently suggested that checkerboard rendering would be the go-to method for the Scorpio too.

Xbox is clearly desperate to leverage its upcoming console over its competitor. Will Scorpio really be the 4K native gaming machine that Microsoft are alluding to or is this just wordplay? If its the latter, don’t expect gamers to take lightly of that fact because come Holiday 2017, we are all going to be watching the machine do its thing with laser focus.

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18 Responses

  1. Whizard72 says:

    Sony exclusives? interactive movies and 5 hour campaigns don’t sell a console to me.

  2. Whizard72 says:

    Xbox. Best controller ever made. Best UI design on any console. Xbox Live never been hacked with personal details stolen and then been down for 3 months. I do not trust PSN nor do I like the way they do business. I’m secure with my choice of console since choosing Xbox over PS 1.5.

  3. Just games says:

    I really hope its able to run all games in native 4k 60 fps or Phil Spencer is liar once again.

  4. Soljah0910 says:

    For a extra 1.8 treaflops Na mate sticking with the pro because a premium console they say so I’m definitely not paying 400-600 for a extra 1.8 n so called native 4k I’m kl with the checkerboard that PS are doing looks near enough 4k anyway

  5. F**King Joke of a console... says:

    ….’nuff said!

  6. Xbox One Is Da Worst says:

    What a joke, most powerful console? Xbox BOREpio is utter trash. Anybody who actually cared about power would buy a high-end gaming PC and play games in far superior settings, they wouldn’t settle for weak, pathetic, gimped trash like the Xbox DONE. This is just another failure of a console from Microsoft with not a single game worth playing on it.

    PS4 and Switch have been releasing quality exclusives while Microsoft’s pathetic, mentally ill brand slaves have nothing but lies, overhype and underdeliver to feed themselves on, what pathetic drecks.

    Xbox has been posting trash sales figures because it’s a trash console with trash games. Xbox crybaby pauperboys can lie to themselves all they want but it won’t change the facts.

    The Xbox DONE is nothing more than a worthless, pathetic, unwanted, last-gen POS failure of a console for uneducated, non-gaming troglodytes and sales will always prove that.

    Xbox fans are actually incredibly wimpy and two-faced because they don’t even support the console they claim to love so much. You get plenty of retarded Xbox peasant boys spending 24/7 on the internet saying how much they love the console but they don’t even buy it when it’s available because deep down they know it’s a worthless, weak, pathetic POS with no games and sales will always prove that.

    Xbox loses, Microsoft lose, Xbox retarded fanscum lose, and I win. What do you say to that, Xbox pauper losers?

    • Marlon Ebanks says:

      Buddy a console is for relaxing on the couch chilling.. PCs are for legit right into gaming.

    • Theodore Marvin "Ted" DiBiase says:

      Are you the alter ego of “Xbox One is da best”?

      • G. Lehri says:

        I wondered that too!

        • Anonymous says:

          He spelling is far better than that other guy. I think it’s someone that got tired of his crap, and decided to parody him.

          Either that, or I was right the whole time,, and the guy just jumps on the most popular bandwagon at the time……………..

    • Iggsy81 says:

      What i don’t understand about you PC master race people is, why the fuck are you commenting on every console story? No one cares about you, fuck off.

    • Quad Thumbs says:

      Some one is a little insecure.

    • Olad says:

      Blah blah blah…
      What type of rabid dog bit you to make you say this?…

  7. King_Scorpio says:

    Scorpio is going to be a power house that rapes every console on the market. Native 4K future and backwards compatible & most powerful console in history.

    • King Nothing says:

      Power doesn’t mean sh*t when you don’t have anything worth playing. It’s not gonna sell well and MS has no games. Sony will basically continue to dominate in console sales and quality games for the rest of this generation right into the next gen where it will dominate as well.

    • King_consumer says:

      Xbox is really the best gaming system ever.

    • Theodore Marvin "Ted" DiBiase says:

      I have never seen a console have sexual intercourse with another console, never mind unconsensually. If the Scorpio is into this, the console wars will be taking a rather dark turn.

  8. There are 32 games (and counting) that run in native 4K on PS4 Pro: a system that has been available since last year. So their claim is demonstrably false.

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