Microsoft have just finished their E3 conference and the general feeling within the team is that the show was somewhat underwhelming, with some interesting showings. Considering the fact that most of the announcements had been leaked in the past few days, this served t take away any oomph in the show but the remarkable lack of any new fresh IP’s is what we find most disappointing. Microsoft seemed all talk and no show this year.

The High Points

Forza Horizon 3- This frankly looks absolutely stellar. Set in Australia and now featuring 4-player co-op, PLayGround games look set to releasing a sequel more than worthy of the previous game, which will only further solidy the Xbox (and now PC) as the home of the best racers. Truly spectacular

Sea of Thieves- Minus the nauseating acting from the people playing the game, Sea of Thieves really does look like incredible fun and a title worthy of classic Rare’s old name. The focus on true fun team play, the lovely visuals and the inviting gameplay will surely make this a blast to play.

Looking for Group- This is a seriously welcome mode that many have been asking for. It essentially allows people to look for more players in their online games, whether it be a raid in Destiny or for some companions to wreak havoc on Halo 5: Guardians or Overwatch, if executed well, will help make Xbox Live more social and more fun for those who don’t happen to have their mates playing the same games at the same time as them

State of Decay 2- The original game was absolutely excellent and the sequel looks like it will capitalise on all the strengths of the original and more. Whether or not it is a fully fledged mmo is unknown to us but we are dying (no pun intended) to see more).

Scalebound- Scalebound really looks like it has improved a lot since it was last shown off- boasting much smoother gameplay and with the co-op mode really looking like a ton of fun. We can’t wait to get out hand on the game and we’re glad that it has seen some notable improvements. Still not sure about the try-hard protagonist mind you…

Xbox Scorpio- Those mythical leaked specs that had the internet going into a frenzy about whether or not the information was true just so happen to be real! The Xbox Scorpio exists (or will exist) and will be coming out in Fall 2017, boasting the most impressive gaming specs ever. Whether or not Sony can react to this remains to be seen but they must surely be a little worried at being out-done in the power stakes. Mind you, if there aren’t any decent games to play on the Scorpio, what’s the point?

The Low Points

Recore- After all the waiting and hype behind this game, the final gameplay showing looks rather weak. With poorly animated character movements, somewhat underwhelming visuals and dated looking gameplay (Jet Force Gemini anyone?), we honestly expected better from the killer collaboration of developers working on the title. Who knows, maybe the final product will deliver, but judging by what was shown, we weren’t that impressed.

“Play ANYWHERE!”- Yes we get it! Microsoft kept hammering this point several times when once was enough. We get it, all the Xbox games are now coming to PC and cross-buy/crossplay is great but for God’s sake, don’t keep stating it like we haven’t heard it 89.65 times before.

Where are the new I.P’s?!- Where are the megaton game announcements? What was actually shown that was new and showed Microsoft’s commitment to delivering new exclusive I.P’s? There was so much talk but no delivery and it is frankly rather disappointing that Microsoft didn’t bother to show off something fresh

Gwent- You’re shitting us

Sadly, we expected more from Microsoft. The Scorpio announcement truly is something special but we knew about this ages ago and this will only make a difference in 2017. There is little point in having great gaming hardware without a slew of great exclusive titles. Generally, the show was mediocre and to be fair, the leaked information really served to undermine the excitement in the show. Microsoft need to do better here next year. All in all, it was a mixed bag, confirming some great news but underwhelming in the exclusive game stake. Sony should have an easy time one-upping the competition yet again at E3. Stay tuned for our impressions of the Sony conference.

What do you think? Are we wrong in our assessment of the show? Did Microsoft impress you at E3 this year? Let us know in the comments below (no registration necessary)

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2 Responses

  1. guest says:

    Sore loser…………………………………………………..

  2. XBox One the best says:

    No, your wrong. Microsoft left Sony in the dust this 2016 E3 with de best games and the best hardware just as the Xbox One S. I mean 4K! Thats something the PS4,5 even cant do.
    And next year the Scorpio will crush poor Sony and than just like the Xbox360 era Microsoft will rule again and the Sony gamingdivision is going bankrupt just like Sony will.
    Eat that little PONIES.

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