Respawn really deserve a pat on the back. After the release of a new game mode last week, even more downloadable content is being made available, this time in the form of a brand new, 4 player cooperative mode called Frontier Defence  as well as new maps and more.

Frontier Defence

If you played the original Titanfall, you may have already played this mode, which was also released a few months after the release of the game.  It is a wave-based mode similar to the one popularised by the Horde mode in Gears of War 2 but with that Titanfall flavour. Take a look at the trailer for it:

The features are as follows according to Respawn:

  • Co-op 4 player mode.
  • Defend your Harvester against 5 waves of increasingly difficult enemies.
  • Earn cash for defeating enemies that you can spend in between waves to purchase tools like Batteries, Arc Traps, Sentries, and more.
  • Choose from Easy / Regular / Hard / Master difficulty.
  • There will be an Insane difficulty as well that will exist in a separate tile as a Featured Mode.
  • New Titan Progression – ‘Aegis Ranks’
    • Earn Aegis Ranks by completing matches of Frontier Defense. Aegis Ranks can unlock powerful upgrades for your Titans, helping you succeed at higher difficulty levels. For now these Ranks will only apply to Frontier Defense.
  • New, challenging enemy types to battle.
  • 5 maps supported at launch
    • Homestead
    • Forwardbase Kodai
    • War Games
    • Rise
    • Blackwater Canal

New Maps

We are also getting new maps for Titanfall 2 and in similar fashion to the previous ones released by Respawn, we are getting a remake of one of the maps from the first game and a brand new one.

More maps are always welcomed!

More maps are always welcomed!

Rise is the remake of a pretty decent map in the first game. Not necessarily one of the best maps in my opinion but still quite unique with large corridors with huge vertical spaces and laden with ziplines. This is a good map for  tight CTF or Last Titan Standing games.

Township is a map solely for the Live Fire game mode. The maps will be accessible next week and I should have my impressions up of the new maps as well as the new DLC in general next week.

Purchasable Content

You also get a XP boost if you purchase the skins

You also get a XP boost if you purchase the skins

All the content above is free (which is surprising as one of our readers noted considering EA’s involvement in the game!) but there is some purchasable content. Thankfully, like all purchasable content in Titanfall, these are just relagated to cosmetic skins for weapons and titans. However, this time, they do give buyers an XP boost, which is pretty much harmless for other players in any event.

The DLC should go live next week and Gameondaily’s impressions should hopefully be up soon after.

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3 Responses

  1. More free content? Oh to be a fly on the wall in EAs office. The developers of Titanfall 2 should probably sign up to the witness protection program.

    I’ve also noticed TF2 gets more coverage here than any other game (I count 6 of the last 20 posts about individual games are on TF2), does this mean it is the most popular game in Game On’s office?

    • Gaz says:

      Ha it definitely is my favourite game of late having sunk over 8 days worth of game time on it! So the reporting bias comes from me on that front! It is such a great game though if you are a fan of fast paced multiplayer shooters. The support has been great too

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