Looking forward to purchasing a 3DS this Xmas? Hoping to get hold of one of these “New” 3DS announced not long back? Well you’re out of luck because they will not be coming to Western shores this side of Xmas. This of course is old news but last week Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata gave a fairly bullshit and quite frankly stupid reason for why European and Americans won’t be playing the latest hardware.

Here’s the blurb:

“The overseas markets are different from the Japanese market in both their stages of popularization of Nintendo 3DS and their market characteristics,” boss Satoru Iwata told investors.

“The stage of popularization of Nintendo 3DS means the degree to which we have turned potential purchasing power into actual sales of the product in a market. In Japan, the total number of sales of Nintendo 3DS has reached nearly 17m in the three and a half years since its launch.

“It is almost the same as the lifetime sales of GameBoy Advance released in 2001, which implies that it is reasonable that the sales of Nintendo 3DS have been temporarily slow moving in the Japanese market. This is one of the reasons we needed to bring New Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL to the market this year.

“To the contrary, neither of the cumulative sales figures of Nintendo 3DS in the US nor Europe is more than that in Japan despite, based on the historical performance, bigger sales potential. In short, Nintendo 3DS is still at an earlier stage of popularisation in these two markets.

“Also, the difference in market characteristics shows up in the software sales pace. In the Japanese market, both hardware and software tend to sell during a short period along with a quick spread of information on them. In the US and Europe, on the other hand, highly acclaimed games are likely to be longtime sellers.”

Our bodies are ready too Reggie!

Our bodies are ready too Reggie!

So we won’t be getting the console this year because the older version hasn’t sold as well in Western territories. Fair enough but there is a few reasons why this seems a rather stupid excuse.

First off they’re  saying that until sales for the older 3DS improve they won’t release the new version. Thing is smart people who want a 3DS and know a better version is on the horizon aren’t going to buy a 3DS until the new one is released. So aside from the parents who don’t pay attention to the gaming world, sales aren’t going to increase drastically to meet Nintendo’s expectations.

Secondly Nintendo are releasing the New 3DS in Australia in less then a months time. Surely Nintendo can’t be trying to say that they expect more sales down under then Europe and the U.S.A? All this is gonna do is prompt systems being imported to the Western regions and in turn affecting potential sales when the console does receive a Western release.

Releasing the console this side of Christmas in Australia and not in the West, the obviously bigger territories for potential sales is just mind boggling

Lastly if you want your console to sell big, especially if it’s a new one the perfect time to release the console to assure larger sales is right before Christmas. Releasing the console this side of Christmas in Australia and not in the West, the obviously bigger territories for potential sales is just mind boggling.

I’m just not sure what Nintendo are playing at? Is this a legit excuse and there isn’t much demand for a rehashed 3DS? Is it that they cannot meet demand for Europe and the U.S.A but can supply a smaller market like Australia?

All I know is that I will just have to put off my plans to buy one this year and wait for Nintendo to deem the West worthy.

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James Hobbs

A video games enthusiast since I got my Super Nintendo for Xmas back in 1992 despite having no games inside thanks to a cock up by Nintendo. I'm a huge Resident Evil fan and I'm a lover of all video game platform, I do not discriminate. Follow me on Twitter @TheHobbsBlog

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4 Responses

  1. p says:

    Nintendo is Japanese company.
    Not Sony.
    That’s good.

  2. Josip says:

    Even though it is a BS excuse Nintendo knows that if they release the new model of the 3DS everyone will buy those and not the ones we have now. I feel like most parents do not keep up with gaming news so of course for xmas they are going to get the old 3DS. On top of that, who will buy the old 3DS once the new ones come out. Most likely no one. So in order for Nintendo and other major companies to move the older 3DS models they are not going to release the new one forcing the public (unless you import) to buy the older 3DS model.
    In summary,
    Releasing new 3DS model = profit from old 3DS model during the holidays because consumers are forced to buy them if they not have them yet.

    In turn I predict the CEO will say in January sometime
    “Oh! Look at the increase of old 3DS sold in the West and Europe! I now announce a Summer Release Date for the New 3DS for both the West and Europe!”

  3. Robert says:

    Satoru Iwata is full of BS. If he truly believes his explanation then he is the most stupid CEO ever.

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