The critics have spoken in perfect harmony: Bloodborne is brilliant. Fans are already declaring it the best game of the generation so far. Yet at the same time everyone seems to acknowledge that the game is made for quite a niche ‘hardcore’ audience. Therefore it stands to reason that a lot of people will find they do not enjoy the game. So where are the dissenting opinions? Where are the negative reviews, from critics and from consumers? Are we to believe that everyone who bought Bloodborne fell in love with it? Maybe it isn’t so niche or challenging after all?

Not liking Bloodborne means you are bad at games....obviously

Not liking Bloodborne means you are bad at games….obviously

Take a look at the comments and discussion on any article or blog that dares to voice discontent with the game, and without doubt you will see “Author is lame and terrible at games and life”, “He just isn’t masculine or cool enough to be good at the game”, and generally douchery. It doesn’t matter if the original complaint centres around the difficulty of the game, or an eccentric dislike of the styling of the coats. If you don’t like Bloodborne you lack the skills to beat it, end of story. Any negative remark is immediately invalid because whoever said it is a widdle baby.

I’m going to set myself up for some of that ridicule right here: I bought Bloodborne and so far I’m just not into it. I ‘pre-ordered’ it on the digital store 1 or 2 days prior to release for a stonking £49.99 straight into Sony’s coffers, based on the stellar reviews around the internet and the general styling of the game. The first thing I noticed after meticulously creating my character is that the framerate is largely unpleasant (thank you Digital Foundry for expanding on the reason), but the world and the art carry a cryptic intrigue that made me want to explore it’s darkest depths. Then I died quite a few times, and found the penalty of an unnecessarily lengthy loading time and significant amount of ground you have to re-tread every single time wore me down. I wasn’t really having much fun at all, so I decided to go back to my on-going Dragon Age campaign. Maybe when I’ve finished that up I’ll find From Software and Sony have resolved the frame delivery issue and possibly reduced the load times, so it’ll be a better game when I return.

That “feeling of accomplishment” people like to talk about betrays a hard truth: You have accomplished nothing significant.

Now to be clear, that isn’t the GameOnDaily review of Bloodborne. It isn’t a setup for a controversial low-scoring review. Someone else is working on the review, and from what I gather he’s enjoying the game. The critical merit of From Software’s latest work is not the point I want to address at all, and the fact that some people will inevitably label me “an incompetent moron that should stick with Peggle” will only work to highlight the point I am making: There is no shame in saying you don’t like hard games, and no cause to insult people that feel that way. Conversely, beating Bloodborne (through raw talent or sheer perserverance) is nothing to be proud of, and any feeling of superiority over your fellow man is sorely misplaced. It’s a videogame, and it is intricately designed to be beatable. That “feeling of accomplishment” people like to talk about betrays a hard truth: You have accomplished nothing significant. Hopefully you have enjoyed yourself…. but that’s not really something to brag about, and certainly doesn’t justify any attempt to belittle anyone with different taste in games.

Should people who struggle with the difficulty of this game be insulted?

Should people who struggle with the difficulty of this game be insulted?

Take nothing away from the people that are running competitive speed runs, or leveraging their skill to make a name for themselves via social media. Those guys are accomplishing something very real. The thriving eSports scene is further proof that computer games can stand as a platform for real achievements that people can take pride in, and I give those people all due respect. I am only pointing out the anonymous keyboard warriors of the internet that take it upon themselves to insult others for simply having a different taste in games. Who’s the real “loser” there?

Of course this laughable behaviour isn’t exclusive to Bloodborne or even to videogames. Expand the search and you’ll find people going to great lengths to belittle others because their favourite console sold more than another, or their favourite sports team (that they are not a part of in any way) are better than another team. I suppose bragging and belittling others is just an unfortunate human trait, and people will grasp at any metric they can to have at it. I don’t want to take a nosedive into the realms of the philosophical, so I’ll steer it back round to the crux of my point.

The guys that brag about it or mock and insult others should be the real laughing stock

It is OK to like Bloodborne. It’s better than OK. I’m happy for you. It is also OK to dislike Bloodborne, even if the real reason is that you aren’t very good at it. The guys that brag about it or mock and insult others should be the real laughing stock. Those guys are bad at life, which is a more critical failure than being bad at Bloodborne. So I suppose the message at the end of it is a familiar one: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and whether you agree with and respect it or not you have a responsibility to maintain a level of courtesy. If you can beat the challenge presented by bloodborne, surely something as easy as civilised conversation isn’t too hard?

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Asa W

I am just some British chap that is enthusiastic about games and related technology. I put my opinions into articles thinking other people might want to read them, so you could probably call me egotistical as well. Any publishers or platform holders reading this: My integrity can be bought for a low low price. Call me xx

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62 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    I downloaded Bloodbourne from PS4 Store for around £19 and I’ve only had it for a couple of days and I’m still near the beginning and have lost count on how many times I have already died. I did see the cleric beast for a few seconds before I was massacred! So I’m finding this way hard and I usually play my games all on easy mode. I’m an average gamer,I guess and I’ve played Resident Evil 7,The Evil Within,Until Dawn,The Last Of Us,and some of the Assassin Creed games on the PS4 which I’ve liked more than this game and completed,but this is already doing my head in!I wish it had been bought from a shop so at least I could sell it to CEX and get some money for it!

  2. nobody says:

    Thanks for writing this. I’ve only heard praise about this game, so when I got it free through ps plus, I thought I’d give it a try. It seemed ok at first, but it quickly grew repetitive and frustrating (and I’ve played through battletoads, there’s a difference). After reading this article, and the comments, it doesn’t sound like it gets any better, so I’m just going to delete it. Thank you!

  3. Aryan says:

    What games will you suggest if I dont like bloodborne but love witcher 3 and last of us

    • Madjer says:

      Horizon: Zero Dawn is a great place to go from there.

      I came to Bloodborne from HZD and after an hour of dying and staring at nonsensical inventory screens I can safely say it blows….which is sad because I wanted it to be fun.

  4. thewhip73 says:

    I totally agree with everything you said. I like to call those people “video-game elitists” or just plain video-game assholes. The word “hardcore” and “gamers” should never be used in the same sentence. If you beat a hard video game, that’s all you did, beat a hard video game, you didn’t accomplish anything of significance in the grand scheme of life. These people act like you’re less of a person if you don’t like a game cause it’s too hard, or just not fun. I can’t believe the hate you get for saying you don’t like a game, any game really, but especially one like Bloodborne for some reason.

    Oh and I love it when they talk about a game like Bloodborne and say it’s “easy”. Lol. There is NOTHING easy about that game. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through it and have really wanted to like it and stick it through, but honestly thinking about quitting. This game is just not fun at all, for a host of reasons.

    • wrongtbh says:

      As someone who beat the game wiith approximately ten deaths across the board, yeah, the game is pretty piss-easy.

  5. Chesku says:

    I just started with this game. At first really dificult and then you met the first Boss. What d fuck??? I just spend all my dayoff getting my ass fucked by this monster.
    I can’t find any fun in a game with a Boss that you just habe to keep rolling around and trying to not get hit and hitting him 1 or 2 times when you habe the oportunity, taking forever to take some life from his life bar, and its only the first one. Not the game for me, frustrating and a waste of time.

  6. sb says:

    this game is the reason you can’t return games that suck.

  7. Killstof says:

    I wish I could enjoy it. I bought Nioh because of the great reviews, but I decided I should finish my other souls-like games before I move on to it. Bloodborne just isn’t fun to play on the bosses. I can’t play it for more than 20-30 minutes of boss wipes without getting so frustrated and angry that I need to stop. Even beating a boss doesn’t feel good, it just makes the frustration go away a bit. I guess Nioh is going to be collecting dust for a while.

  8. Hikari says:

    Worst game of all time .. Director is Hidetaka Miyazaki, he was just a programmer not a director. His directing is so bad

  9. Bob says:

    I really enjoyed my first few hours of bloodborne but found that after beating the cleric beast and glitching father gascoigne (probably spelled that wrong) i simply could NOT get passed the blood starved beast. I tried to kill him 119 times (yes, I counted) and eventually I lost the urge to play and became annoyed that I’d wasted £30 on a game I couldn’t beat. This article really helped, I love the look of ds3 but I don’t want to risk it.

  10. Merit says:

    Oh look, another overrated fucking Souls game… I really wish these games and the people who like them would fuck off and stop faggoting up the industry.

    • Kehdhsjs says:

      And the funniest thing about “Souls” people? They hate Call of Duty people for the same reason everyone hates Souls people. And both CoD and Souls people are too stupid to understand that. Maybe because all of them are 17-year-olds with no girlfriends and too much testosterone. The best is when these Souls fags say, “Dark Souls isn’t hard!” So, wht, you’re tough because you can beat an easy game? Nice logic, homo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Game is overrated and it sucks nobody wants to be punished for dying stiff ass controls can’t even jump I’m just upset my hard earned money was waisted spent six hrs on the first level six! There’s no excuse for that piece of shit got traded in for a real game like witcher 3

  12. Stm says:

    To me, this is just a very typical japanese style game. Which means, its a science. Not a game.
    And very well then, it would be ok if at least they would provide you with the right tools.
    I play(..ed) the game for the impressive art direction, really. Nothing else. I wanted to see all the enviorments meticulously created here for me. BUT,
    in terms of gameplay it is HORRIBLE and so INCREDIBLY unrefined. The mechanics make me want to pull my hairs out. How COULD you have a camera like that, a dodge, an autlock function, collision detection that is obviously half assed. And in a game that punishes you SO harshly for mistakes you did not even mean to make. AT ALL.

    I was always annoyed when I got the sense that game developers skip to refine what essentialy, in the end makes the game a game(and playable). They just call it “hardcore”. Pffff.
    It is not. It is just “old school” meaning, FRUSTRATING.
    Why? Because all the mechanics are really just animation cycles.
    When you are asking for skill, is just stupid. This is a ps1 game with ps4 grapchis.
    Nothing else. I wont even return it, its being taken out of circulation.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It should be stated:
    This is a jaw droppingly gorgeous game with a deep and cryptic Lovecraftian lore that (like all souls games) has something to teach us about ourselves.
    The gameplay is so ambitious a turnaround from the souls ethos of blocking, poise, and patience that a veteran souls player WILL STRUGGLE.
    Let it be also stated that anyone who uses some version of the phrase “get good” should at this time locate the nearest means of suicide, or at very least, seek professional help for the depression and self worth issues that plague them.

    But all in all bloodborne FAILS to live up to the standard of excellent gameplay that the souls series has been known for. It feels like a devil may cry hack and slash with less margin for error, and sorry I don’t enjoy those games ( just personal opinion I’m not disparaging them ). I wanted an other souls game to sink my teeth into but instead I got a werewolf themed button mashing arbitrarily and artificially difficult spin off with no fashion options or time to make a F***ing decision!
    But would you like to know how you can know what I’m saying is manifest?…
    Behold they have admitted such : Dark souls 3 is being put together and tested as we speak. It LOOKS like bloodborne but seems to play like a souls game… Which is what they should have done from the flippin start but better late then never!

    • Android says:

      Jaw-droppingly gorgeous game? LOL! Thanks, I really needed a laugh today. That being said, like all Souls games, Bloodborne is just another overrated piece of crap game with f***ing terrible graphics, (cool atmosphere, though) horrible, clunky controls, a joke of a lock-on system that is unresponsive, repetitiveness, tediousness, poor hit detection, poor frame rate, lackluster story, and barely any RPG elements. Anyone who thinks this game is the best of the generation needs to be punched in the stomach. Cheap, thrown-together game that has zero lure whatsoever. “Dark Souls” people are way, way worse and much queerer than any Call of Duty douche.
      I wish people would stop supporting these overrated crap games so they can just f*** off forever. So sick of f***ing hearing about how great Dark Souls and f***ing Bloodborne are.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love DS 1 and 2 and am relatively good at them having poured about 1500 hours into those games. I struggled a lot with bloodborne but stuck with it to its completion (including all optional bosses) in the spirit of giving it a fair try at winning me over the same way DS had, after much consternation.
    I really did enjoy my play through the game…. But unlike DS: I had no real drive to play through again, well, actually I did, but that feeling faded REALLY FAST.
    The difficulty seemed random and arbitrary when an enemy, who you have a strategy for, decides, randomly, to do an 8 piece combo that comes out before the animation, stagger-locks you and ends an otherwise flawless run…
    The map has too much detail for its own good: is it good to get stuck on curbs and little rocks? Does that really add depth and immersion?
    The armor system is laughable for two reasons: no fashion souls (you always look like the same douche)…but worst of all there is no poise system and the armor doesn’t matter AND YOU GET THE BEST SET WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF THE START!
    There are many more things to say but they have been said on the internets already… I just felt there needed to be a more balanced viewpoint because I really did fall in love with that game at one point but was ultimately disappointed and went back to DS 2 sotfs, which is awesome ( though not perfect).

  15. ExplodedCow says:

    I can’t stand people that say Bloodborne has no story

    • Anonymous says:

      It has plenty of great lore but you have to seek it out on your own so a lot of people will completely miss it.
      The gameplay still sucks though and none of the problems have been fixed with frame rate or collisions so GL

    • Zigg says:

      Bloodborne has no story. Or any real decent gameplay, for that matter. If you were smarter, you might understand that. But seeing as how you were born when the PS2 came out, you don’t understand video games.

      • Ragreth says:

        I think you’ve missed the point of the article you’re commenting on. You know, be civil.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Bloodbourn was the hardest game and the only game i ever lost interest in before beating the game. I beat every fun game from mario on nes, to every open world rpg ever released . Bloodbourn is so impossible for any casual or casual Veteran Gamer to play and have fun. The enemys are mostly copy and past zombie looking things, there is no pause feature. And its just hack this slash that, with no real storyline. I traded it in for 18 bucks after having bought it a month after its release . Gamestop said only 10 percent keep it 90 percent trades it in over the difficulty and the lack of fun. Its for hardcore gamers that thinks playing games should be a competition. I play games to have fun and get rid of stress. Thats what casual gamers are. Hardcore gamers play games thinking it is real and that they have to be better than everyone else at challenges that stress normal people out.

    • Anon says:

      You’re doing the exact same thing the article is denouncing: belittling people because they have different taste in games. The fun is in exploring the environment, taking in the atmosphere, and that feeling of horror when you cross the nightmare fog. People like it for the same reason they like thriller novels and horror movies. There’s a lot of suspense when you could die at any moment, have all those consumables you spent getting to that point go to waste, and lose your blood echoes. There’s a huge feeling of relief when one reaches a lantern because it means one has made permanent progress. The tension-relief cycle is what drives these games, and it’s not for everybody.

    • Zigg says:


  17. poosnake says:

    Get good! Loser!

    • Anonymous says:

      or you can just get some ass you nerd!; games are about relieving stress not causing it

    • Anonymous says:

      Play Tenchu stealth assassin. Get good

      • Who says:

        A child’s response.”get good” hahahaha. I always have to laugh bc the people saying that….literally EVERYONE around u is saying that about YOU….but not about meaningless videogames. About experiencing life…women…parties…FUN. GET OUT MORE

    • Who says:

      You know what’s funny? You. We all want u to get better at life…not kids videogames.

  18. esoteric geeks says:

    I played it, I got good at it. I stopped playing it. It’s boring and too time consuming. It’s not fun and no real story to it. Only esoteric geeks like it. Witcher 3 is a real game. Fun, challenging, great story amazing graphics so on so on. The only thing bloodborne has really going for it is the actual challenging part about it. If this game was casual difficulty it would be horrible.

  19. Adam says:

    My girlfriend tells me that it’s not worth playing with anything that isn’t hard.

  20. Big Bobby says:

    Take away the graphics, it’s just a game based on running about for hours on end, hacking and slashing. The hard difficulty level has been included to brush away the fact that the game play is nothing special (far from it). A typical Sony game in my eyes. Tapping X and quick time events, it’s a wonder that was included in Bloodborne. Gaming today, console tech automatically gives games the thumbs up graphically, but they usually fall short in the game play department. Graphics mad gamers will never learn.

    • Hyperpenguin says:

      ‘Tapping x and quick time events’
      You clearly didn’t play the game . Sounds like you are talking about The Order .

  21. SprunkMronkey says:

    Bloodborne is divisive, no doubt.

    In my experience I went from a tired 4 hour playthrough of the first level dying repeatedly, maybe 80 to 100 times. I went to bed frustrated and annoyed that night. Loading screens everywhere.

    I left it for 3 days. Played again and realised my weapon was shot and it would probably be better to just start over as I couldn’t repair it, having not yet reached the first boss.

    With my new character, I started afresh. And it just clicked. I made it through to the first boss, without dying that time then promptly got my ass handed to me on a silver platter. But then I knew what I had to do. Armed myself to the teeth with Molotovs , farmed the first area until I was ripping through the townsfolk like a man possessed, eventually taking on the tribe by the fire without picking them off one by one.

    I returned to the first boss and battled my way to victory. The sense of satisfaction was immense.

    So, tonight, more Bloodborne :)

    And to think I was ready to trade it in. I sucked, which didn’t mean it was a bad game just that I was a bad hunter!

  22. Dave says:

    No doubt there is massive hate for a reviewer who gives a poor score to a game that the massives (reviewers) rated highly.

    The truth, the Fun Factor in games is not considered or considered far too low for many these days.
    Alot of us fellows over the age of 25 who work have no time for filler and just want fun. Too many games these days don’t have that fun factor throughout and this game is one of them.

  23. Mordenov says:

    It’s ok to dislike a game that is generally considered good and it’s ok to like a game that was generally considered bad. This isn’t particularly new, maybe a little sad that it needs to be pointed out. I’d like to believe this article comes from a genuine place speaking to the people who bought the game expecting their opinions of the game would echo the uniformly positive reviews and just found that somewhere along the way, the game just didn’t resonate with them. The issue however comes that it is much too easy for this article to just be a hybrid of clickbait and “People will immediately dismiss my opinion if i say it’s a bad game so let’s see how I can get away with implying it’s undeserving of it’s praise because ‘malicious reasons’ (mwhahaha).” Yes, evil laughter clearly what’s going on :D. Or of course my favorite potential interpretation of intent, “It’s ok to say you don’t like it” implies that some people claim to like it but secretly the difficulty is frustrating them and you are pleading for them to reconsider liking it, because you guessed it “malicious reasons”. Or I know, “man this game is hard, i don’t think I like it so maybe if i can convince others to not like it I will somehow feel better about myself”.

    I would like to note I don’t actually think that you intended this article in such a way, I just felt the need to point out how it could be interpreted.

    Anyways, I appreciate, hopefully, the intent of the article. I know I’ve had my fair share of games I bought due to strong reviews that I just really couldn’t get into despite falling within a genre i enjoy.

    • Asa W says:

      Thanks for the comments. I promise there is no sinister intent to the article. I’m not trying to sway opinion or rally any troops.

      To be honest I think I should have focused on Dark Souls for this article, because the platform exclusivity of Bloodborne clouds the point. I wasn’t really talking about the usual reems of fanboys that argue about anything and everything. I was referring more specifically to the elitist attitude about enjoying a difficult game and the tangible pressure to enjoy it if you want your opinion to be respected.

      Fanboys, peer pressure, and review scores are separate over-lapping topics that could be and have been discussed in-depth, but it’s not what I was trying to address :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Should suck a fucking fat black cock for making this article. Play real games like one called “Life” and get out from your moms basement

        • Who says:

          Says a kid who trolls Internet sites trying to get attention. Over enjoying “life” lol. Ahh the irony

          • Who says:

            The irony….of the life form known to the world….as “millenials”. Worst. Generation. Of all time. Don’t believe me? Ask ur parents what the worst generation ever….has been. See if they don’t say “millenials”

      • Who says:

        If I were you I wouldn’t bother even responding to these kind of people. I can sorta understand people who have a gripe….and get onto forums. But the people who believe the OPPOSITE of the forum…taking time they COULD be playing their dear videogame….to troll forums saying OPPOSITE opinions of what they believe? Does anyone understand how sad that is? I think being in jail is “challenging”….but that SURE as he’ll doesn’t mean I’m gonna devote my life to it

      • Who says:

        You hit the nail on the head bro. This game isn’t a challenge. It’s simply unfair. Poor hit detection…the most flawed checkpoint system ibe EVER PERSONALLY WITNESSED IN 23 YES OF GAMING….yet people defend it. People defend oj Simpson too….so I guess we just have to live with stupid uneducated people. I wish people realized that having an opinion doesn’t make u correct

    • Who says:

      I wish people like u didn’t have to exist. U write lengthy opinions…ABOUT opinions…about a videogame. You’re not eloquent. You’re not gonna get published on new Yorks best seller list lol. You’re not a reporter. If u do like it…why would u troll forums saying the opposite? People who defend BORING…tedious…grinding should be placed into a mental facility for ONE MONTH. play ENDLESS games of checkers or backgammon, grinding it out for 311 hours with some old crazy man, and then tell people about how “challenging” it was to get through…and how beating that “challenge” was so rewarding. Now do u see why you’re argument doesn’t work? Challenge is ok. Tedium and boring is NOT. especially in a videogame who’s ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO ENTERTAIN

    • Who says:

      Here’s something 4 u videogame nerds to think about. minorities are facing “challenges” with law enforcement killing people for hardly any reasons….at times. That’s EXTREMELY challenging. Do u think they should reconsider how they feel…bc it’s “just a challenge” and they should just “git gud” at it? Jesus…the logic of the millenials generation….seriously….seriously bugs me. It’s so flawed…it’s almost like no one is teaching them anything REAL in school. Like LOGIC.

  24. hvd says:

    its and OK game.not everyone is a dark souls fan.its not a casual gamers game imo.there is no REAL class diversity its either 2hd or sword and gun.sounds boring to me i dont own a ps4 but if i did i wouldnt buy this game.there is just sooooo much hype around this games because its the only ps4 exclusive game other then infamous that didnt suck and fail like the order did

  25. The Marb says:

    I’d respectfully say this article isn’t about Bloodborne at all, more the rabid reaction to people who felt it wasn’t for them (even if the reason was genuine and explained) and received the sharp end of the internet stick from the more staunch defenders of the game.

    Having an opinion on the internet is now a dangerous idea, especially when it goes against the flow of critical opinion and involves an exclusive title. People are willing to suspend logic and decorum just to call you rude names.

    At any rate, Bloodborne looks like fine game and its a new IP, which always a good thing.

    • Who says:

      Your point…that was just too “clever” not to share with the world….is that people shouldnt have OPINIONS on the Internet! Hahaha. Yet here u are…spouting ur opinions on a forum that is the OPPOSITE of what u believe lol. Desperate for attention much?

    • Who says:

      I want kids like u to go up to ANY pretty woman…and tell them u troll Internet sites…with the opposite opinion of what u believe, in order to make yourself feel slightly better about ur purchase and how u spend ur time…video gaming alone. See what her response is…I’d be willing to be a hefty sum of $, u won’t be so “proud” of ur opinions in front of a beautiful woman who HAS a life

  26. jack says:

    Yes, it is OK. But do you need to point out something so basic in an article? What is your reasoning? Aren’t you now being the jerk by going out of your way to make this an issue? This just seems so pathetic, like you’re trying to be a crusader and make an issue that isn’t really there. Would be better if gamers address issues about games, not SJWs.

    • Zigg says:

      My God you’re a faggot dude. Shut up.

    • Who says:

      No. He is not. You kinda are though. Aren’t u trying to be a crusader for YOUR CAUSE….in the very say article HE CREATED? only u just sound whiny. He crafted some very eloquent, intelligent, and ACCURATE points. U just sound mad bc he disagrees with what u think. Which is an incorrect opinion. And ya. I said that.

  27. DerpyDuhrrr says:

    its ok to say BloodBorne isnt your kind of games, but its not ok to try to review it if you arent into that type of game, the same way someone who despise Dota/moba/rts games shouldnt be reviewing these types of games, like someone who review and test cars should be a car fanatic and be aware of what hes talking about.

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