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Titanfall 2- The Game-Changer We First Imagined?

The original Titanfall was a breath of fresh air and laid down an extremely solid foundation for something truly great. Now that Titanfall 2’s full reveal is almost upon us, Gameondaily’s new addition Mark enthuses about its potential

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Not Hyped for E3? Watch this!

Kain Production is not alien to this site for his incredible fan made trailers. He definitely has a talent in compiling bits of gameplay and marrying them with the kind of epic music that would...

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Uncharted 4: Hopes and Fears

Will Uncharted 4 live up to the hype or will wildly mis-managed fan expectations serve to hurt Naughty Dog’s latest WMD?

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Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Review

Here it is Fallout 4 fans, the first DLC pack for Fallout 4 has arrived and whilst not a total disaster, it’s about as satisfying an experience as opening up your birthday presents to find...