The developers behind the wildly popular vehicular football game Rocket League are celebrating the game’s second birthday and in doing so, have revealed some interesting bits on information regarding the active players on the various platforms that the game appears on. Take a gander below:

Rocket League Xbox v Playstation v PC

Unsurprisingly, the PlayStation comes out on top at 41% but it is very closely followed by the Xbox platform at 32%. As some of you may be aware, the developers (Psyonix) have confirmed that Sony are not allowing the title to benefit from cross-play; allowing Playstation and Xbox gamers to play with each other. The significantly larger player pool would greatly benefit all players with faster and more competitive matchmaking.

It will also be interesting to see how these numbers fare come the release of the soon to be released Nintendo Switch version of the game. Right now, consoles command a majority of over 70% of the player base and it remains to be seen how much of that chunk Nintendo can bite off.

Take a look at Psyonix’s website for other interesting statistics about Rocket League.

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