In yet another example of developers and gamer freedoms being curtailed by Sony’s antiquated stance on cross platform play, the developer behind Ark: Survival Evolved has confirmed that even though they have managed to make it the feature work internally, Sony will not allow cross platform play. Jeremy Stieglitz, the Lead Director and Co-Creative Director behind the game confirmed this yesterday on twitter:

PS and Xbox gamers could be taming dinosaurs together. But alas Sony....

PS and Xbox gamers could be taming dinosaurs together. But alas Sony….

I previously wrote about why Sony’s attitude to this is profoundly anti gamer and makes a mockery of its ‘For The Players’ slogan and it looks like this artificial barrier propped up by Sony is here to stay. Ark: Survival Evolved, like Rocket League and Minecraft, is a very popular game and this personally affects me too as the reason why I stopped playing is because I have two sets of friends on both the Xbox and PS platforms. Had the feature been enabled, we could have all potentially played the game together.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s refusal to play ball with crossplay? Is this just self-preservation? Or is this a slap in the face of gamers everywhere?

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6 Responses

  1. AmUnRa says:

    Playstationgamers are having crossplay with the PC and the Vita for a long timeeven back to the PS3. It is not that Microsoft inventent it. I as i Playstationgamer dont care about Crossplay. And i think the most Playstationgamers agree with me. I have enough friends on my friendslist and whe are playing almost every day. And when i must log in to XboxLive to crossplay with xboxgamers i pass, and so dus Sony. I bet that Microsoft will be braging over how many Xboxlive players they have. But you must log in to XboxLive as a Playstationgamer.
    I support Sony in this, it is the right thing to do.

    • But surely from your point of view, it sounds like you don’t care about Crossplay so if it exists or doesn’t exist is no bother to you. If some people would like it, surely it should exist asit makes no difference to you either way?

      You could replace the word Crossplay with lots of other things to make this a very left/liberal leaning post.

  2. I assume this is due to Sony having the largest player base. If someone was to buy a console for the purpose of playing with thier friends, the odds are that their friends would be on PlayStation and if Sony allowed crossplay, they could buy an XBox/Switch but as it is, it has to be PlayStation.

    Generally these small-minded actions (See XBox One DRM) aren’t long lived and I fully expect Sony to play ball in the not too distant future, especially if it’s very successful on other formats.

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