There are many talented gamers our there. Some are highly skilled, others not so much (me) and then you have those at the top of the game. Titanfall 2, like a lot of competitive first person shooters rewards players with fast reactions, excellent awareness and laser-like precision. So behold. A player from Mongolia who calls himself Benchy, widely regarded in the community as the best Titanfall 2 player in the world.


Ah yes; the default response of many a victim in the online arena after a skilled player has decimated them so badly that, were they to be prison inmates, they would be holding the pockets of those they accuse. Benchy is no doubt the big spoon in all these affairs and his frankly insane level of skills would undoubtedly attract those accusations as well. Take a look at him taking on a team of 5….ON HIS OWN:

Rest assured however; this is no cheater. There are many things you cant fake like tactical awareness and expert anticipatory movement beyond what even Artificial Intelligence can devise. If Judgement Day were to take place, Skynet would be targetting Benchy first. Who gives a shit about a whiny little scrote like John Connor?!


Almost everything of Benchy is on point; his aim, his awareness, his composure and one of the most important things in Titanfall 2; the movement. Titanfall 2 rewards those players who can wall-run, bunny hop and slide their way into engagements and that is one of the things that makes Benchy so good at what he does. If this was Instagram, he would have slid into your DMs a long time ago. Have a look at just how deadly a concoction good aiming is when combined with good movement on Titanfall 2:

The online competitive arena is a fierce place particularly as far as First Person Shooters are concerned. To be ranked among the best is a massive feat but to be at the top? That requires something else. Whatever that ‘something else’ is, Benchy has it. In abundance. Make sure to follow him and perhaps you can be as good as he is one day.
Benchy’s YouTube Channel

What do you think of Benchy’s skills? Think you can take him? Let us know in the comments below [no registration necessary]

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7 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    He just got exposed as a cheater, lol!

  2. Deadonsite says:

    He seems easy to beat :)

  3. Titanfall2 Addict says:

    Best In World?? Contantly bangin Over 300 points in attrition. 5 Titans and 7 pilots in one nuke eject. MVP 776 Times. 1st in PVP all day! Over 26,000 kills. What you got?! Benchy I’ll be looking for you in my sights my friend…..

  4. OmegaJojoMaster says:

    ive got the achievement becomes the master if you search my name on xbox and look at my achievments my name is OmegaJojoMaster

  5. Evan says:

    I believe I can beat him he looks like a regular player to me hes not the best if he hasn’t face me yet..i challenge bench to a match.

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