Its that time of year again where we all gather round a TV or PC monitor and watch in awe at the spectacle that is about to take place. No not EURO 2016, I am of course referring to the show of shows, the mecca of video games and the event that makes it feel like a gamers very own Christmas, E3! We take an extensive look at the upcoming event and give you a rundown of what should be at the show, what might make it and what has less chance of making it to the show then Albania has of winning EURO 2016.


June 12 • Electronic Arts – 1.00pm PDT / June 13 @ 9.00pm BST/CET

EA will not be holding their traditional conference and have instead opted to hold an event of their own but we can still expect plenty of gameplay footage from some of their biggest titles.

Dead Certs:

Mass Effect Andromeda – EA will likely open with the game we are all looking forward to seeing in action. Fans are eagerly awaiting game footage to be shown at the event and I don’t think EA will disappoint.

Battlefield 1Titanfall 2 – Already confirmed by EA and Respawn, Titanfall 2 is hotly anticipated and hopefully will get to see the much requested single player campaign as well as footage from the multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 – Much has been made of EA’s decision to ditch the modern warfare setting for World War 1 but seen as that it’s a big year for remembering those who have fallen it makes sense. Expect campaign and multiplayer footage.

FIFA 17 – EA will be eager to show off FIFA 17 running on the Frostbite 3 engine so we can expect a lengthy talk about the changes it will bring. Plus all the additions to FUT that are bound to be talked about.

Need for Speed 2017 – EA’s racing title makes a return, let’s just hope it’s better than the last outing.


Viceral’s Star Wars game – A lot of fans want to know what Visceral are hard at work on but we’ve been told it’s unlikely to make an appearance. Don’t rule out some sort of developer vid though similar to the one we saw when Battlefront was announced.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – It would be strange for EA to ignore the Battlefront series, especially when they have confirmed a sequel that is due for an early 2017 release. Expect it to be mentioned but not for them to delve too much into detail.


Criterion’s new IP – Remember a couple of years ago when Burnout developer Criterion showed off their new ip? Something about racing and adrenaline sports? Nothing has been mentioned about it since and I don’t expect anything this year either.

Dead Space 4 – With the series development team busy on their Star Wars game, it remains incredibly unlikely that a new Dead Space is in the works, even with a new team at the helm. Don’t expect this to turn up.

Command & Conquer – Several years ago EA announced that a new game was in the works much to fans rejoice, that feeling soon subsided once the game was changed to be free-to-play and then cancelled. Although it’s said that a game is in the pipeline I don’t think we’ll be seeing it this year.


June 12 • Bethesda Softworks – 7.00pm PDT / June 13 @ 3am BST/CET

It seemed strange when Bethesda announced that they would again be holding their own conference at E3, everyone was asking the same question; “What have they got to show?” Well it appears quite a bit if rumours are to be believed.

Dead Certs:

Dishonored 2 – This will be Bethesda main attraction (that we are aware of) and we can expect a lengthy gameplay demo with details on the story and the characters.

BattleCry – This was announced last year but it left everyone a little underwhelmed, let’s hope that this year’s showing is more impressive?

Fallout 4 DLC – There is bound to be something said about future DLC for Bethesda’s big game last year. The current DLC whilst good really isn’t as bountiful as previous entries have had, I’m certain that Bethesda will have something to announce during the conference.


Evil Within 2 – Last year’s horror title performed well for Bethesda and was an enjoyable survival horror title that reminded me a lot of Resident Evil 4. Is it too early for a possible sequel though?

Prey 2 may make an appearance?

Prey 2 may make an appearance?

Prey 2 – Announced several years ago and canned not too far back Prey 2 was an interesting sequel to an underrated game. If rumour is to be believed though, Arkane Austin has been hard at work on reviving the title and its due to be shown next week. Just don’t expect the same game that Human Head had created.

The Elder Scrolls VI – Also widely rumoured to make an appearance is the eagerly awaited sequel in the Elder Scrolls series. Though I have to question that with Elder Scrolls Online barely a few years old and Fallout 4 not reached its 1st anniversary is it too soon for an Elder Scrolls VI announcement?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Remastered) – Far more likely to happen is a fully remastered version of Skyrim. Bethesda have already said that they used a port of Skyrim to help them create Fallout 4 on next gen. This is quite likely but still just a rumour at the moment but an intriguing one to say the least as it’s also said that it’ll allow mods to be used much like Fallout 4.

Wolfenstein 2 – Another sequel that’s hotly tipped to appear during the conference. Wolfenstein’s reboot The New Order proved to be a hit with critics and fans alike and it’s been a couple of years since then so a sequel is highly likely. Whether or not it’s at the show is a different story.


RAGE 2: A sequel to the fairly decent shooter was in the works before the current gen consoles were released. All work on it though was postponed so that the development team could help on bringing Doom to fruition. With Doom only being released a couple of month’s back it’s safe to say that at this time there will be no word on this sequel.

 Phil Spencer

June 13 • Xbox – 9.30am PDT / 5.30pm BST/CET

Microsoft are promising a big show and they need one. For all the good they are doing to repair the damage that was done when unveiling of the Xbox One they still a lagging severely behind Sony’s PS4. Though if rumour is to be believed then that may change with some of the announcements due to be made on Monday.

Dead Certs:

Xbox Consoles – The rumours have gathered too much pace now and Microsoft haven’t made any attempt to flat out deny them so expect Microsoft to potentially announce three different pieces of hardware. The definite one is the Xbox One Slim that is said to include a 2TB hard-drive and do away with the with the power brick. The less known one is the “Xbox TV” adapter (likely something to rival apple tv?). Then there’s the big one, the Xbox Scorpio could be Microsoft’s way of outdoing its competition but is it real and if so is it as powerful as they say?

We wanna see more Sea of Thieves!

We wanna see more Sea of Thieves!

Halo Wars 2 – Announced at the end of last year’s conference but absolutely nothing about it has been seen since. This alongside Gears of War 4 will be the Xbox’s lead titles this year so expect lots of footage from this one. Plus the open beta is allegedly set to release June 13th and will be playable until June 20th.

Gears of War 4 – Expect a good walkthrough from a section in the game that’ll wow the crowd. Hopefully we’ll get to know the details of the story as well as the characters we’ll be playing as.

Sea of Thieves – Rare’s revival game will undoubtedly get a good showing during the conference and we should finally get to see what the game is about and see if it oozes that classic Rare charm.

Recore – Yet another game that was announced last year but little has been discussed about it since. Clearly a title that Microsoft are placing their hopes upon doing well so we can expect a nice little demo during the show.

Scalebound – Although this has been delayed until next year we should undoubtedly see it mentioned and possibly demoed at some point.

Crackdown 3 – Could we finally see the game in action this year? Well considering its due out this year then you’d bloody hope so! Also give us more info on how the cloud technology is going to work and how is it going to affect the gameplay?

The sequel to one of the best racers ever will definitely have a showing

The sequel to one of the best racers ever will definitely have a showing

Forza Horizon 3 – Not officially announced yet but let’s face it its going to happen isn’t it, the Forza games are on a two year rotation and its Horizons year. Rumour has it we’ll be heading down under for this game with Australia tipped to be the location.


Dead Rising 4 – One of the latest leaks this week, apparently Dead Rising 4 is apparently the big 3rd party developer remaster that is rumoured to be bankrolled by Microsoft themselves. From what people have made out it’ll be a remake of the original game but with several change such as the game being set at Christmas and snowy weather. It’s weird though, why would you call a remaster Dead Rising 4?

State of Decay 2 – Yet another zombie game that’ll be exclusive to the Xbox. The first game was quite popular so you can understand why Microsoft would want to lock the sequel to its console. Expect more news on the multiplayer aspect of this at the show.

Battletoads – For over a year now a new Battletoads games has been teased (mostly by Phil Spencer himself) and it is widely considered that we’ll finally get to see the game at this year’s conference.

Unnamed Rare IP – Allegedly aside from Sea of Thieves, Rare is working on a brand new ip that’s believed to be announced at this year’s show. It comes from a reliable source but is the Rare team really big enough to work on two titles at the same time?


Phantom Dust – The remake of the original Xbox game was announced a couple of year back but hit troubles when the development team were removed and the game was shelved. Although it has been said that there are still plans for the game don’t expect any news this year.

Old Rare IP’s – Rare Replay gave us hope that we may get new releases of some classic ips. Sadly I don’t think there’ll be any sign of Conker, Perfect Dark, Kameo or even a Viva Pinata sequel announced this year. Oh well there’s always next year.



June 13 • Ubisoft – 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm BST/CET

Ubisoft’s conference is usually pretty decent albeit a little cringe worthy. Expect some big demos and some potentially cool announcements.

Dead Certs:

Watchdogs 2 – It’ protagonist, setting and release were all confirmed this week with the release of an announcement trailer. With that out of the way we can expect a proper demo of the game plus details on how they’ve improved over the lacklustre original.

For Honor – Announced last year and it seems like a game that has some potential so expect Ubisoft to be giving this some decent stage time.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Hopefully we’ll see a whole lot more of this. The sequel to the smash hit Stick of Truth should get a big demo and maybe even Matt Stone and Trey Parker will make another appearance this year.

Ghost Recon WildlandsTom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Unlike any other Ghost Recon game, this is an open world co-op game (maybe we should expect something similar to The Division) and it does look very intriguing. The change though maybe too much for hard-core fans of the series?

Just Dance 2017 – Year in, year out we get a horrible dance routine to announce the latest Just Dance. With any luck they won’t have time for it this year and just announce it quickly like ripping off a plaster.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 – It has to be this year right? It seems like a decade has gone since this was announced but maybe, just maybe this is the year we get it? Though which platform? Its reported that Nintendo have funded the production to make it a launch title for NX? Maybe this is the big 3rd party title Microsoft are funding? Maybe Sony are funding it to once again show they listen to their fans?

Far Cry 5/ Blood Dragon 2 – With Far Primal just been and gone what will be the next Far Cry title? It may be a bit too early for Far Cry 5 but a sequel to Blood Dragon could be a huge possibility. Michael Biehn has apparently recorded his lines for the sequel so fingers crossed for something to be announce next week.

Splinter Cell – It has been 3 years now since the last Splinter Cell game so it should be safe to say we’ll be seeing the next Sam Fisher adventure announced for the current gen consoles.

Rayman – It’s been a couple of years since the last game so we could potentially get another game in the series, though less likely in the Beyond Good & Evil 2 rumours turn out to be true.


Assassin’s Creed Next – Highly unlikely that anything will be seen of the next Assassins Creed this especially with the series missing this holiday season. The film might get a mention though?

Driver – It’s an extreme longshot but its five years since the last Driver game and it’s strange that the series has laid dormant for this long. I thought the last game was a decent entry and I know I’m not alone in that thought. Wouldn’t expect anything though.


June 13 • Sony – 6.00pm PDT / June 14 @ 2.00am BST/CET

Sony probably pipped Microsoft to best show last year and they’ll be out to do it all over again. This will be another big showing from Sony and one that seems likely to be dominated by VR talk and new hardware.

Dead Certs:

VR –Sony’s big thing this year is their VR headset and they need to advertise the hell out of it at this year’s event. You can bet for sure that there will be plenty of games shown off.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – This is surely the game that all Ps4 fans are itching to see more of this year after the spectacular unveiling last E3. Expect a lengthy demo showcasing the PS4 being pushed to the limit.

The Last GuardianThe Last Guardian – I wasn’t overly impressed with the demo last year but I’m sure Sony will give us something far more entertaining this time out. Hopefully we’ll get a release date out of them too?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – One of the most exciting announcements last year was that this all-time classic would be getting remastered. You can bet your house that we’ll be seeing extended footage from the game and potentially a release date too?

No Man’s Sky – Unfortunately delayed into August, No Man’s Sky gets another chance on the Sony stage to wow gamers just as they’ve done for the last two years.

Gran Turismo Sport – The return of Sony’s premier racing title and they need this to be amazing (which it’ll undoubtedly be) with their other racing franchise Driveclub practically over just as it started.

Detroit: Become Human – Another big exclusive for Sony that is bound to stun at the show. Hopefully plays as well as it looks.

Dreams – Another exclusive that will no doubt get some stage time but not a great deal I’d imagine?

Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare: With Sony’s ongoing partnership Activision it would be surprising if we didn’t see Infinity Wards latest COD offering get a quick demo.


The Last of Us 2 – Now that Uncharted 4 has been and gone it will allow Naughty Dog to get on with their other much loved franchise. They surely have been working on this for some time now and maybe we’ll get to see something from it at the event but in all honesty I’ll just settle for an announcement trailer.

The first game was a bit cack so maybe the devs can do right by the sequel.

The first game was a bit cack so maybe the devs can do right by the sequel.

God of War 4 – Another game that’s hotly tipped to be at this year’s show and another of the PlayStations beloved franchises that’s yet to make the full jump to the current gen. Rumour points to an E3 unveiling but apparently Kratos will no longer be the protagonist.

Destiny – Rise of Ironwas unveiled this week and a lot of information was talked about by the developers so there may be no reason for this to make it onto Sony’s show. That being said though, much like Call of Duty, if the relationship between Sony and Activision is to continue then maybe we’ll see some mention of ps4 exclusive items for the new expansion?

Knack 2 – My first question has to be ‘Why would they make a sequel’? The second would be ‘Who wants a sequel’? That being said it is said that a sequel is to be announced at E3.


PS4 Consoles – Having confirmed the existence of the PS4 Neo, Sony’s Andrew House has stated that Neo won’t be unveiled during the event and instead will be shown off at a later date. This also possibly puts to bed the notion of the Neo releasing by the end of the year.

Shenmue 3 – After the shock announcement last year that the most requested sequel was finally getting made we were all hoping that we’d get to see more shown off this year. This was shot down this week when Cedric Biscay said that no footage will be shown this year. Rats!

Infamous 4 – You’d think that it would be time for a sequel would have been announced but maybe I’m a year ahead of myself and instead it will be revealed at next year’s show?

Killzone 5 – Much like Infamous I would imagine that by now a sequel would have been in the works and set for a reveal this year but there are no rumours that point to this so it’s unlikely to happen.


June 14 • Nintendo – 9.00am PDT / 5.00pm BST/CET

Nintendo, much like EA, have decided to skip the conference in favour of a live play event and they will be periodically showing off footage from Zelda and…well not much else to be honest.

Dead Certs:

zeldaZelda NX – Let’s cut the crap, Zelda was delayed solely so that it could be a Nintendo NX launch title, just as they did with Twilight Princess for the Wii. That being said I couldn’t be more excited to see more of the game during the show

Pokémon Sun & Moon 3DS – Nintendo’s only major releases for the rest of the year will be spoken of quite a bit but will get overshadowed by Zelda.

Monster Hunter Generations & Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past – I’m putting these two together as I know both will be there but don’t enough about them to delve into detail.


Paper Mario Colour Splash – This is due for release this year and for the Wii U no less, this is why I think that this will be mentioned in brief but down the line they’ll delay it for the NX.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 – If by any chance this doesn’t get announced during the Ubisoft conference then the rumours of Nintendo bankrolling the title so it can be a launch title for the NX may just be true. It’s highly unlikely though.


Nintendo NX – Nintendo have already said that they won’t be unveiling the NX or any details during their video, something that will probably be saved for the Tokyo games show in September. Still there is a slim chance that Nintendo may change their mind though.

Diddy Kong Racing 2 – I have a mate that’s obsessed with the original and predicts this every year. Not entirely unfeasible seen as that Nintendo hold the rights but without Rare at the helm this’ll probably never happen.



Best of the Rest

Mankind Divided is looking like a stellar entry in the classic franchise

Mankind Divided is looking like a stellar entry in the classic franchise

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – There’s no doubt this will be at the show but considering that Square Enix released two lengthy gameplay vids this week its unlikely to make it onto any of the big stages. Still it looks bloody good though.

Final Fantasy XV – Again I have no doubt that we’ll see this at some point during the Sony conference. I’m not too big a Final Fantasy fan (actually only ever played VII) but this actually is looking quite spectacular. This is likely to follow FF VII on the Sony stage.

Kingdom Hearts III – Tough one to call this, it surely must be getting closer to being finished but will we see it at the event and if so at what conference? Will it get any stage time?

Mafia III – Mafia III is looking very good and there’s no doubt it’ll be at the event but I doubt that either of the top two will have time to fit it in their shows?

Agent/Bully 2/Red Dead Redemption 2 – Any one of these from Rockstar would be appreciated. Agent has been doing the rounds for year now,Bully 2 is one of the most wanted sequels of all time and Red Dead Redemption 2 is a must have. Red Dead is the most likely one though along with a remastered version of the original if rumours are to be believed?

Grand Theft Auto V DLC / Expansion – Surely after two years we can finally get single player DLC for one of the greatest games ever made. With Rockstar announcing they don’t intend to continue on with GTA Online forever surely it’s time for us to delve back into the fantastic single player story.

Resident Evil 2 Remake & Resident Evil 7 – Being the 20th anniversary of the series debut I would be shocked if these didn’t turn up somewhere, most likely the Sony stage. Footage of the 2 remake would be great. Details for 7 would at a stretch would be great.

Telltale’s Batman Game – Details of what Batman story they plan to cover and villains can we expect to see and will there be a lot of detective work over fighting?

Dead Island 2 – Last seen a few years back, Dead Island has been in development hell since its developer Yager was given the boot. May make a surprise appearance?

We doubt Capcom would want a new Dante featuring in their next game considering the backlash

We doubt Capcom would want a new Dante featuring in their next game considering the backlash

Devil May Cry 5 – Spotted on a voice actors CV it looks like we may see the return of Dante at this years E3?

The Technomancer – One of two upcoming games from Focus Interactive. The game is set on Mars in the distant future and looks very intriguing.

Vampyr – The second game is set in early 20th century London where you play a vampire doctor learning to come to terms with his condition. It looks very gothic and dark.

Agents of Mayhem – A new game announced just recently and set in the Saints Row universe. Expect an open world environment filled with chaos.

Injustice 2 – Also announced this week, we can probably expect a much more to be revealed over the next few days.

Bioshock Collection – Retail listings and rumours point to this being announced and should come true especially if the below gets announced.

Bioshock 4 – It’s been way too long since the last one and again all signs point to a fourth game being announced at the show of shows.


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