MGS V The Phantom Pain set for September 1st Release?

A video has leaked ahead of an official MGS V announcement due tometal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes take place on IGN tomorrow. The video, which has since been taken down had lead creator Hideo Kojima talking about the game and reveal that the game will launch Sept 1st.

We await the official announcement tomorrow.

GameOnDaily Opinion: Seems legit enough and the possible release date comes at a really good time. Summer will have just finished and MGS V will have no real competition for a good few weeks which gives it time to shine. Roll on tomorrow.


Xbox 360 Preview Program Launching End of March

Microsoft has revealed that it will be launching the Xbox 360Xbox-360 Preview Program, which will work in a similar fashion to the program currently available for Xbox One owners. The selected players will be notified via an Xbox Live message to sign up and will allow them try out the latest console update before it is released to the rest of the 360 community.

Major Nelson said on his blog;

“Starting in early March select invitees will be able to join the Xbox 360 Preview program,” he said “This will work much like the Xbox One preview – and selected customers will be able to sign-up directly from their Xbox 360.”

“Look for a special Xbox Live message then head to Settings, then account then under account management if you’ve been selected, you’ll see Xbox 360 Preview Registration. Sign up there and enroll your console. Nothing will happen yet, but we’ll let you know when the Preview is ready to begin through a Xbox Live message.”

Major Nelson added that, “In our upcoming release will be addressing common customer issues including improving the ability to troubleshoot common network issues from the 360 and adding a Network Connectivity test including Download and Upload speed tests. There will be even more changes coming later this year – so sign up to be a part of the Xbox 360 Preview Program.”

Another perk of the preview program is that those who have an Xbox Live Gold Membership will be able to reserve the free games offered to Xbox One owners through their console allowing those who choose to upgrade to already start with an extensive library of games. Xbox 360 owners currently have to go through in order to grab the Xbox One titles on offer.

“Starting today, Xbox Live Gold Members who don’t have an Xbox One yet can start building their library of Xbox One games directly from Xbox 360 by taking advantage of the Games With Gold program,” Major Nelson said on his blog.

“You have always been able to do it this via the web and my monthly Games With Gold posts,” he added. “But now, on your Xbox 360 console head to the special Games With Gold section from the link on the home page of the console and you can ‘purchase’ it there.”

GameOnDaily Opinion: Some great on-going support for Microsoft’s legacy console and hopefully it will sort out some of the problems the service has suffering from these past few months. It’s also cool of them to make it easier for those who are yet to upgrade an easier way to bag their free Xbox One games.


Sledgehammer Games adding 15 more Prestige Levels to Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer component is set tocodgrandmaster receive 15 further Prestige levels which will allow the hardcore players something extra to fight toward. The new ranks are entitled Master Prestige ranks and will some unique weapons and loot.

Sledgehammer stated on its blog. “With the all-new Master Prestige ranks, inventive ways to earn 15 Elite Loot Weapons, and a brand new Grand Master Prestige Gear Set, we’re adding new ways to level up and earn rewards in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,”

“The all-new Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige character gear set give Max Prestige players the chance to continue to rank up and earn XP. When you enter Master Prestige your player XP is reset, challenge status remains the same, and challenges are not reset.”

There is also a unique gear for players to obtain (as seen above), the Grand Master Prestige Gear Set which is “clad in purple royalty camo and accented with gunmetal for a truly unique look in game.”

GameOnDaily Opinion: Good news for those hardcore fans that needed extra incentive to play on but I ain’t sure about that armour, you’ll stick like a sore thumb.


Heart Forth, Alicia heading to PS4 and PS Vita in 2016

After successfully gaining funding from its Kickstarter campaign,heartforth Heart Forth, Alicia will be making its way to Playstation 4 and PS Vita in early 2016.

“Heart Forth, Alicia is a ’90s-inspired adventure that combines the electrifying gameplay of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the expansive world & dungeons of the Zelda series, and the unfolding story style of Xenogears… except it’s a little darker and has its own fantasy twist.” The game’s lead developer Alonso Martin explained.

Alonso was happy to share that Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae has even produced a few tracks for the game. Alonso also said that the game has been inspired by open world natured Zeldas and Metroids, story wise it is games such as Final Fantasy 7 where the team have taken their inspiration. You can read more here.

GameOnDaily Opinion: This game looks truly beautiful, it also bodes well for them that they are taking their inspiration from some of the greatest series ever created. PlayStation owners may have something quite special on their hands.

Will Half-Life Make its way to Vive

HTC chairwoman Cher Wang has discussed her willingness to bringhalf-life_2 the Half-life franchise to Vive, Valve’s new VR headset which being manufactured by HTC.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress, the executive didn’t disclose whether the collaboration would be on a new game or a virtual reality version of the original two games. Speaking to the BBC, Wang said HTC was “cooperating with Half-Life,” and that she “hopes” the franchise will make its way to Vive.

GameOnDaily Opinion: Personally I think it would take a monumental amount of effort to remake the original games to incorporate VR controls. So for me this would have to be a new game, but would fans accept a VR version of Half-Life 3? Not likely, but at this rate it may be the only way we get to see it.


Unreal Engine 4 free for all

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has announced that as of today, Epic Games’unreal-engine-4 Unreal Engine 4 will be free for all to download.

The engine used to cost uses $19 (roughly £12) a month but will now be free for all. In exchange, Epic will take 5% of any game’s gross revenue after the first $3000 (£1950) generated each quarter. The engine was previously only free to those who were either students or educators.

With the download, Unreal Engine 4 will give you access to the engine’s entire toolset, the Unreal Engine Marketplace, and “100% of the C++ source code and newcomers will have game templates, samples, content, and several video tutorials to help them get started.

GameOnDaily Opinion: An aggressive move from arguably the best game engine company going, ths will definitely upset Crytek. As for the freebie itself hopefully this will allow start games companies to get their games off their ground without having to worry about the costs.

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