One company introduced its gaming console with much fanfare- met with glorious praise and introduced it with such flair that its momentum never stopped from the day it was formally introduced and another company made every misstep imaginable, fumbling in the most embarrassing fashion and epitomising failure in almost every department. Chances are, if you are reading this and follow the gaming industry even loosely, you need not expressly be told which companies or consoles are being discussed above. How funny then that the console that has struggled from day one, the one that has had its gaming credentials questioned at every move is also the one that, in the opinion of this writer, quite decisively delivered the better exclusive gaming experiences from day one.

Waiting for Greatness

If you aren't a fan of Bloodborne and an owner of a PS4, chances are, you are  this skeleton

If you aren’t a fan of Bloodborne and an owner of a PS4, chances are, you are this skeleton

Sony’s tagline ‘Greatness Awaits’ has stung them to a certain extent in the core gaming circles. The tagline became a meme in itself because for quite some time, the PS4 failed to deliver a title that many could agree was truly great. At launch, after the tremendous success of the introduction of the console and the PR machine working on over-drive with fans, the titles that would accompany the console were massively disappointing. People’s expectations of ‘greatness  ‘ were high but the rather poor nature of the launch titles served as a harsh reality that the PS4 was not a perfect console free of criticism. Killzone: Shadow Fall was shown off in February 2013 at the reveal for the PS4 console (minus the reveal of the physical console itself) and the incredible visuals left many, including me, awe struck at the graphical splendour of the title. Alas, as seems to be a key trend with this franchise, the game turned out to be a pretty yet hollow experience and really hammered home the point that great visuals will never be a good substitute for good gameplay. When the likes of Knack, made by the PS4’s lead architect no less, completely bombed critically, the stark realisation that the PS4’s launch library completely fell on its face was a bitter one to swallow considering all the hype that came before it. In fact, the PlayStation 4’s best title was Resogun; a great title but a voxel based side scrolling shooter is not what many would consider that definitive ‘next-gen’ experience. Alas, the wait had begun and all eyes were set on inFamous; Second Son.

on the strength of its launch titles and the comparative weakness of its adversary’s gaming lineup, the Xbox One secured the first holiday season win.

Meanwhile, on the Xbox One; whilst the launch titles weren’t going to set the world on fire, they were considerably more attractive. Dead Rising 3 was a great third party title but only available on the Xbox One (later made available on PC) and focused on density by throwing in massive numbers of undead combined with the over the top top humour, an open world and cooperative play antics that achieved moderate critical success. Forza 5, whilst not living up to the standards of the franchise, arguably continues to be better than any exclusive racer on the PlayStation 4 to date. Even in its stripped out form, this was the most complete launch racer ever released. Compare that to Driveclub, which was not only delayed but when released, was broken and an average racer, especially in comparison to the competition. The Xbox One did have its fair share of poor titles, such as Ryse: Son of Rome, another pretty title with a hollow gameplay center and Crimson Dragon, the less said about the title the better. The Xbox One however also had an excellent fighting game on its hands; Killer Instinct, which, whilst somewhat hollow as a package at launch, had an incredible fighting model and one of the best online netcodes ever to grace a fighting game. Killer Instinct has truly evolved into something special over time and will surely be regarded as a classic in the future.

ITN News interviewed me at the launch of the PS4 and asked me why people should pick the PS4 over the Xbox One. Had I known what I know now, my comments would be vastly different. Check out the segment below:


The Xbox One also struggled with contending with many changes, in particular, the failure of the Kinect becoming a viable gaming device but on the strength of its launch titles and the comparative weakness of its adversary’s gaming lineup, the Xbox One secured the first holiday season win.

Greatness Delayed

After the failure of the launch titles on the PS4, the PlayStation Nation set its eyes on the next heavyweight title from Sucker Punch, inFamous Second Son. Once again, hyped to high heaven and the masses getting carried away with the incredible visuals on display in the trailer that preceded the release of the title, when the game actually launched, it received mixed reviews (check out our review). By no means a bad game, Second Son just simply did not live up to the franchise’s standards and was ultimately a forgettable experience, but one saved by Delsin Rowe’s unique powers.

Have you seen Titanfall?

Have you seen Titanfall?

A week or so before Second Son’s launch, the Xbox One got  its first killer first person shooter, Titanfall. Having recieved a multitude of awards at E3 prior to its released, and benefitting from Microsoft’s enormous hype generating machine, the title received a solid critical reception but no where near what the title was supposed to achieve. For those level-headed gamers among us though, Titanfall achieved what it set out to do and that’s to reinvigorate a stale FPS formula popularised by the old Infinity Ward studio and its seminal Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2 titles, most of which now comprised Respawn, the dev team behind Titanfall. However, scuppered by the lack of a proper campaign mode and game modes, Titanfall, whilst great, continues to feel like a skeleton for something greater. Nonetheless, Microsoft’s lifetime exclusive (at least on consoles) of this title served as hard pill for PlayStation fans to swallow and whilst I am not a fan of the deal struck between EA and Microsoft, the impact of the deal should not be underestimated. It only served to accentuate the mantra that players were still waiting for greatness on the PlayStation 4.


It seems like there is a bit of a trend with gamers being blindsighted by gorgeous looking titles that later on turn out to be rather poor in every other department. Driveclub is one such example of a visually stunning looking title but one that simply does not live up to expectations and especially the competition. Driveclub’s failures at launch with regard to its online component (the club element of the game) and the promised PSN version left a bitter taste for PlayStation fans. Peel away the problems and what you are left with is a title that simply doesn’t match up with the competition and our reviewer Asa summed it up best:

Driveclub is a flawed beast. Technically impressive, but perceivably incomplete and frankly quite a distance behind the competition. The core driving experience is solid, and if you take your racing online then a lot of the flaws wash away.

On the other hand, the Xbox One received yet another racer in the form of Forza Horizon 2 (review here) which was met with critical acclaim and stands in this writer’s opinion as one of the best racers ever made. Truly, a title that needs to be played by all, the title is an incredible tribute to fans of cars, racing culture and fun. A feature packed title with an abundance of cars in a gorgoeus open world, Forza Horizon 2 won gamers over with ease and stands as a testament to the incredible talents of the studio behind it all, Playground Games. The PlayStation 4 was left in the lurch in quite decisive fashion as far as exclusive racers were concerned

The month after that, the Xbox One received yet another great title, this time by studio Insomniac, who previously, most released exclusives for the PlayStation platform. Sunset Overdrive received great reviews and was a great open world game, full of content (unlike inFamous: Second Son) with a really wacky over the top gameplay model reminiscent of the classic Jet Set Radio game combined with a brilliant third person shooter model. The title didn’t set the world on fire but it aided in adding variety to the X1’s stable of titles and was another very solid entry into the console library.

Still waiting…

The year 2014 was a pretty poor year for the PlayStation 4. Little Big Planet 3 did not live up to expectations for many and other than The Last of Us Remaster, there wasn’t much PlayStation fans could tout for the year other than stating that greatness would arrive in 2015. The argument that broke out within the team regarding the PS4’s barren year does sum up pretty well how console struggled to have any real stand-out title that year:

Alas, the Xbox won (teehee) another holiday season in quite decisive fashion. It did however suffer its own monumental failings with the likes of The Master Chief Collection. The PlayStation Nation then set its sights once again for the next year, which at the time, looked incredibly promising on the face of it. The next title that PlayStation fans had their hopes pinned on was The Order: 1886 and boy, things took a turn for the worst.

The Order: 1886

See what I did there?

See what I did there?

This was it. This was the title that would show the world what the PlayStation 4 was capable of. Greatness was finally in reach. And then the reviews came in and the game released and a train wreck was to be witnessed by all as The Order: 1886 completely failed to deliver anything other than another admittedly gorgeous looking title but with no real substance to it at all. As if providence was trying to deliver a message that power was not the be all and end all of all things in the console space, the obsession with resolution and power seemed to constantly fall flat on its face and The Order: 1886 is one of the best examples of that. Reviews for the game lambasted it for several failings and Ready at Dawn’s competency was in question. The internet suffered a meltdown once the review embargo over the ill-fated title was lifted and there were even cries of a mass global conspiracy against all things PlayStation in the media, as if the lackluster nature of the game was not abundantly clear to others.  However, these conspiracy theorists quickly piped down when the PlayStation 4 finally got some respite.

Combo Breaker!

Bloodborne really is a gem. I implore you to try the game if you haven't already done so

Bloodborne really is a gem. I implore you to try the game if you haven’t already done so

Finally, greatness had arrived on the PlayStation 4 in the form of the excellent title from From SoftwareBloodborne. The title was always really a safe bet but prior to the failure of other prettier titles, the title didn’t receive as much attention as it deserved. However, it was finally at center stage and the title really blew the critics away, including ourselves, having received our Game of the Year award as well as receiving the highest score this reviewer has given. As it stands, the title is the best exclusive on the PS4 and without it, the console’s library would have looked incredibly weak. The title has been regarded as a niche title by many; one that does not appeal to everyone because of its somewhat unorthodox style- it is very similar to the Dark Souls’ games but that really shouldn’t take away anything from what is still an incredible title with gorgeous art style, addictive gameplay and an immersive game world.

Xbox One Fights Back

Ori really is a work of art

Ori really is a work of art

Microsoft continued to work hard to win back gamers’ hearts and this year represented its strongest form yet. Whilst having a somewhat slow start to the year the Xbox One console benefited from some incredible titles, as the PR machine went into overdrive, describing it as the greatest xbox lineup ever and whilst I may not necessarily agree with that, it is hard to argue against the strength of the titles released this year on it. Ori and the Blind Forest is a beautiful experience that really needs to be enjoyed. Evoking all kinds of strong emotions, the game’s vibrant looks, great platforming gameplay and endearing characters shone through and proved the sheer value of indie titles, if there ever was any doubt about them.

the Xbox One is the true home of racing games

Forza Motorsport 6 was met with critical acclaim yet again, solidifying the franchise’s claim to the racer throne and making good all the shortcomings of its predecessor at launch. With over 450 cars, gorgeous visuals running at 1080p and 60fps, day and night time levels, brilliant use of weather and physics, 24 players online and the usual deluge of customisations available, the title just reinforces the fact that the Xbox One is the true home of racing games.

The Campaign might be weak but the Multiplayer is the best in its class

The Campaign might be weak but the Multiplayer is the best in its class

Titles like Tomb Raider (late review incoming) and Halo 5: Guardians once again hammer in the lead enjoyed by the Xbox One as far as exclusive games are concerned. The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed moderate success with titles such as Until Dawn but those big titles are missing from its stable. The delay of Uncharted 4 no doubt hurt the PS4’s 2015 lineup and arguing in favour of it against the Xbox One’s extremely strong set of exclusives is an uphill battle. With other successes such as a UI overhaul, the massively in demand and currently sold out Elite Controller and the addition of Backwards Compatibility, the Xbox One seems to be the winner in all things but sales (and resolution) for the third holiday season in a row. In this writer’s opinion, the Xbox One has struck a clear hat-trick against the PlayStation 4.

The so-called multimedia box really is taking the fight to Sony. However, the PlayStation 4 continues to absolutely dominate the Xbox One in sales to a startling degree. One can only imagine how much bigger the lead would be had the PS4 had a lineup of games as strong as the Xbox One’s so far.  Do remember however, that this is just the view of this writer. Of course you may well disagree with it all and it has to be said, a lot of this depends on subjective tastes and what games you the reader really enjoy. For you, the opposite may be true but for many such as myself, the Xbox One has enjoyed a victory when it comes to games right from launch. Next year looks set to be absolutely stellar for both consoles and it appears that the PlayStation 4 really comes into its own in 2016 with what looks like an absolutely incredible line-up. As of now though, the underdog is the victor.

Feel free to share your thoughts below (no registration necessary). Exercising restraint in sending death threats and insults is encouraged. 

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  1. AmUnRa says:

    O SEPTIC, yes you are back on N4G, but your comments are ALOT less harsh than before.I wonder why. Ore is it that your opinionpiece was burned down and that was cous it was a fanboydribbel with no facts?

    O where is your article about the FACT that Sony sold 35.900.000 consoles? Or the FACT That the PS4 sold 5.7000.000 times in aprox. 5 weeks?

    That doesn’t fitt in your proXbone agenda. Boy your showing you true colours SEPTIC.?

  2. AmUnRa says:

    Septic that first line is stealthtrolling and you know it. Firts say a few good things about PS4 but then you go brabbeling alot of nbad things over PS4.

    Whe have said to you on N4G your titel is misleading and you know it is.
    That you say only good things about the Xbone, thats you admit it you are a Xbonefanboy and a stealthtrolling Sony hater. And blablabla about it is only a
    ?Opinionpiece?, so it is not a FACT but you writing it down as it is a FACT.
    Thats you.

  3. AmUnRa says:

    How does it feel SEPTIC, after that you placed your ?OPINION PIECE? on N4G?

    That didn’t feel good did it?
    Boy that was something was it? But the gamers at N4G knew that you SEPTIC was an is a stealhtroll and not a neutral gamer. And boy whe miss you on N4G. After you get your ass wipped with the stupidy off an opinionpiece that the Xbone won 3 times Xmas in a row. You are not commenting ore placing any opinionpieces more on N4G, why is that?

    Are you scared?? Com on SEPTIC show some balls?

    • G. Lehri says:

      It felt great :) I was hardly surprised by the reaction because well, take a look at point number 1 in this article:

      I’m touched that you miss me on N4G but I haven’t gone anywhere?

      “You are not commenting ore placing any opinionpieces more on N4G, why is that?”

      I am still there mate. I don’t know what you’re on about.

      “Com on SEPTIC show some balls”

      I am touched that you really want to take a look at my testicles but I shall refrain this time.

      With regard to the content of my opinion piece, there is very little to say. Apparently subjective taste is not a thing anymore unless you align yourself with Sony. I am aware however that, due to the fact that this was submitted to N4G- a great site but one dominated completely by Sony fans, and in turn, a lot of rabid fanboys, that the over-reaction is to be expected.

      Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter. Don’t worry; we will have plenty more content coming soon :)

      Take care and happy new year.

  4. Montblack says:

    I agree with this article. Only game I have played on my ps4 is infamous and wow that was a huge let down. When it comes to exclusives the xbox one is just too far ahead this generation and I think it’s way too late for Sony to make a comeback.

    Xbox one launch playable exclusives
    Killer instinct
    Dead rising
    Forza 5

    Ps4 playable exclusives over three years

    The game war is over but hey guys were not games remember? Were shareholders lmfaooooo

  5. Triton says:

    This article express my opinion to 100%.
    Its like the writer read my mind.

    • Xbot removal says:

      That’s because you’re an Xbox fanboy, Toni.

      • Sony kebab removal unit says:

        They must have put you on massive damage control rscottycuck, considering PS4 lost even more exclusives today. Whole Yakuza series coming to PC. Outright embarrassing losing the biggest Japanese exclusive.

        PC always wins, baby :)

    • Sony Apologists - Official account. says:

      This is somekind of sorcery

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can say the obvious that this entire article was a click bait article, but everyone who has seen and read this article knows that including the author. Nothing like shock and awe to get someone’s attention. That being said having read the first 3 paragraphs I couldn’t bring myself to finish it because it was a tough read. Nowhere in this piece was their any journalistic etiquette. When you have a forum like this where other people maybe swayed by or use the information you provide to make informed decisions being biased free while making your point is crucial. That was not done and or accomplished by the author.

    • Mikewarrior is a tool says:

      Your POS4 is just as crap as the xboner. Deal with it and get a gaming PC instead

  7. Jonam says:

    Xbone fights back to lose and then fights back. When will the last losing fight take place?

    • Anonymous says:

      The fight isn’t consoles sales. The fight is games and value for the gamer and so far the Xbox One has been KO’ing the PS4 for the last 3 seasons.

      Try and focus on what matters to gamers and less what matters to corporations.

    • Still no games on consoles says:

      The fight was over long ago. PC Gaming won. Consoles are dead.

      The POS4 is just a FIFA and Netflix box. No actual games are coming to it. Only inferior ports from PC :)

  8. The PC Master Race says:

    What an absolute trash year for consoles. No games and everything exciting is on PC

    What does POS4 have? A VR headset that’s only 720P and third parties abandoning it for the PC by putting out a lower resolution, worse framerate low settings version on POS4 and the main version on PC. And xbone isn’t even worth talking about.

    Pathetic . And they are only going to get worse next year.

  9. Ed F says:

    Whether Gaz is right or not is up for discussion,it is after all just his opinion. However did anyone laying into him for being a fanboy notice his(and the sites) game of year and his highest ever review score, was for a ps4 exclusive?
    I guess not, as this gets in way of conspiracy nonsense.
    Oh and having an opinion about something or talking about a potentially controversial subject doesn’t automatically make something ‘click bait’.
    Thats a very lazy way of just dismissing something you don’t agree with imo. If he just wanted clicks, why would he bother writing 1200 words on it? Why not just a title, 100 words and a few screenshots?
    Personally I think both xbox and Sony are both doing great things with their systems and in their own ways beating each other.

    • G. Lehri says:

      Selective amnesia Ed. I’ve told you about the lot haha.

      Apparently an opinion is clickbait- the headline reflects my honest opinion but that is something people cannot fathom; if anything, the strong over-reaction is an indictment on a certain contingent of ‘gamers’ and really just sums up point number 1 here:

      Each to their own and all that…unless of course, you dare say you prefer the Xbox One games so far xD

  10. Gamer1 says:

    Wow, what is this garbage. I actually thought I would see some sales numbers and statistics but instead just a clickbaity sensational piece to stir up the hornets nest. Last time I’m visiting this garbage site. And yes, I think Xbox One is awesome, as well as the PS4 and Wii U.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ya cause sales numbers is whats important to gamers opposed to Games and Value…

      You’re another example of whats wrong with gaming this generation.

  11. Dirk says:

    Why do people always have to say articles like these are click bait? How is it the author’s problem if you absolutely must see what you consider trash talk for or about your personal console lovechild? The author makes some good points, but I don’t agree with all of them. What it boils down to: Microsoft had a good year with the XB1 an Sony hasn’t gone bankrupt yet due to the possibilities with the PS4 having done so well so far. I think this is a good thing. Deal with it.

  12. Tim Dog is a moron says:

    “Bu bu but muh hollyday!!!!”

    Every single time with you Xbox vermin. Congratulations, you waited ten months for mediocre rehashes you forgot about in a fortnight. Now you get to wait another ten months for the same. Another Halo, Gears and Forza? Is it any wonder the brand you shill for is so dead. If any other company in any other media industry did the same they’d be regarded as a joke. The fact Microshit gets away with it is baffling.

    Keep holding that L, Xbox scum, we’re not even halfway through the gen, and your tears are so nourishing. :)

    • The PC Master Race says:

      Hey rscottycuck. Nice to see you are still shilling for your pathetic, also dead PissShitPoor. Guess that was an embarassing year losing all those exclusives for PC

      PC Gaming won again. Best exclusives, most exclusives, best multiplats. Why did you even try?

      • Dave says:

        PC GAMING IS SH*T.

        >Console exclusives like Uncharted, Bloodborne, Halo, Gears, Gran Turismo, Heavy Rain, Last of Us, Metal Gear, LBP, GTA, etc.. are incredible AAA Game of the Year winners, far superior to any PC exclusives
        >PC multiplayer games are always runined by hackers and cheaters, totally ruins the fun
        >Name one decent Game on a PC that i can’t get on a console???
        >Steam is Down Often and many games have issues installing.
        >Graphic Drivers and Cards always need updating when new games come out – no hassle on Consoles
        >PC upgrades can cost many Hundreds of dollars and can reach over $1000.00 Easily.
        >Consoles don’t have a horrible Windows OS and don’t get Viruses, and don’t need disk Frag and Malware protection.
        >PC Gamers are all balled up next to their Monitor with uncomfortable Headsets – Console gamers kick back in their recliners and Rock without any unexpected Crashes.
        >Consoles have 7 year cycles, PC’s have 3 year cycles.
        >Consoles use 70 percent less Electricity
        >Consoles have Better Games and Exclusives.
        >Games on a 65″ TV are better to play than on a 24 Inch PC Monitor.
        >Nooooo way you can buy $300 PC that matches the performance of optimised games on a $300 PS4.

        Crawl back to your cellar you sad ugly fat spotty virgin PC gamer.

        • Unsharted 4 900P 30FPS says:

          >Meme Greentext arrows

          Cool copypasta brah. Now show me Star Wars Battlefront running 1080P on PS4 or Xbone. Oh wait.
          What about The Witcher 3 running 60FPS? Oh wait
          What about free online without PSN or XBL going down? Oh wait.

          Console peasants just embarrass themselves every time. Especially since the superior, ultimate versions of GTA V and MGS V are on PC :)

      • End yourself, fat boy says:

        “Bu bu but I’m not an Xcuck!!!!”

        Roundly dismantled when you got triggered by a post that criticised Shitbox but not any of the others.

        • Cry more, rscottycuck says:

          Poor paranoid dear getting triggered by any post mentioning what a piece of garbage the PissShitPoor was. I didn’t even mention xbone and yet you are screaming about it. What a pathetic cuck.

          PS4 has no games in 2015 or in 2016. PC Gaming won again. Your bitch tears will continue to flow for the rest of the year :)

    • The PC Master Race says:

      PS. It’s hilarious the only game PS4 has in 2016 is another Unsharted rehash. No wonder POS4 is falling in popularity to PC gaming at a rapid pace.

      Oh wait, Unsharted isn’t even a game. It’s a 900P Movie. So PS4 still has no games for three years in a row.

    • Adb says:

      Ps4 sucks and it hurts your feeling you got nothing to play with but your tiny nuts you loser.

  13. The Shroom says:

    LOL Sony fanboys showing who can’t handle opposing opinions. Throwing fits like angry children. BUT MUH SERNY!

  14. Xbigboobs says:

    This is a clickbait to get views, nothing more, nothing less.

    • Nick says:

      If this was about the Xbox One you would all find it great and would sing praises for your mighty ps4.

  15. Marcus says:

    XBone beats PS4? Really?

    Last I checked PS4 has sold 31 Million units compared to the 17 Million units of XBone sold.

    Last I checked the PS4 has beaten the XBone with the amount of games that support a higher resolution.

    Last I checked you STILL can’t play Free to Play games on XBone without getting XBL Gold. PS4 doesn’t require you to buy a PS Plus subscription to play FREE to Play games.

    Game On is finally on its way to becoming a click bait site. Congrats!

    • Tim says:

      I actually think both next gen consoles have done incredibly well in sales terms, and both now have an incredible catalog of quality multi-platform and exclusive and Indie games. But the PS4 is the fastest selling games console in history, and generally multi-platform games run better on it than XB1, so overall the PS4 has to be the winner. I bought a PS4 at launch and have really enjoyed every high quality game that has come out on it over the last couple of years.

    • Dirk says:

      Just to make it clear – if my subscription to X-Box Live ended tomorrow all the games I downloaded with the Free Games with Gold for my 360 or XB1 would still be mine to play for free. You end the PS+ Service you might as well delete those games because you no longer have access to them. As for the FREE to Play games like Neverwinter that is an online game and yes it does requires the Gold subscription just like the PS4 requires PS+ do the same thing.

    • The PC Master Race says:

      31 million sales, no games and worse multiplats than PC

      Really embarassing year for PS4, TBH

    • Montblack says:

      Calm down dude sales and resolution dont make a good game. The ps4 library is clear proof don’t be blinded by your love for a console that hasn’t even released s half decent game yet after two years.

  16. ShawnG says:

    Quantum Break delayed, Phantom Dust delayed than canceled. Halo 5 disappointing sprites and jaggies, Forza 6 look like every single car hover while driving in 1st person mode. Forza 6 can’t do not rain or snow, HMCC was a buggy m, glitchy mess just like DriveClub was at launch. Ryse had a 5 or 6 hour campaign no different from the Order 1886. Xbox One didn’t have an AAA for 11 months Sunset Overdrive 10/14 —-Ori—–Forza 6 9/2015, lol. You’re opinion piece ? More like your Xbox One fanboy piece. Stay jealous and envious of the PS4 success over the Xbox One my friend, hahaha.

    • The PC Master Race says:

      What success? Sony are still going out of business and have no games. The 720P VR will be the end of them

      31 million sales, inferior multiplats and no games. Pathetic. PS4 hasn’t had a game for nearly 300 days now. And it’s not going to change any time soon.

      PC master race always wins, peasants :)

  17. Joshua says:

    I agree with almost everything you’re saying but the fact of the matter is you’re focusing on some things without looking at the other

    Sony might not have great holidays but they spread their titles out

    Xbox one had absolutely nothing besides Ori in the first half of 2015. Sony had the order, grim fandango, bloodborne and mlb

    They followed up 4 months in a row with god of war, until dawn, tearaway, dragon quest heroes, everybody’s gone to the rapture, and uncharted ndc

    First 6 months of 2016 Sony has uncharted, gravity rush, street fighter, ratchet and clank, no man sky and Ps VR

    These are the reasons why I think ps4 sold better that’s been overlooked

    1. They spread out their releases ensuring they stay on top most of the year

    2. The industry has changed. Large triple a titles are not the only games that are making a hit. Indies like rocket league are moving more heads than halo 5 and rise of the tomb raider combined

    3. Then there’s the third party deals: from September to November Sony had marketing deals with: destiny, metal gear solid, assassins creed syndicate, battlefront and black ops 3. Like it or not these make a difference. You can check the player base on battlefront if you want, it paid off

    I also don’t think the Xbox one is struggling. It’s outselling what everyone is considering the winner of last gen. I think it’s fine, and I think because Xbox one is the underdog we get all these amazing things like backwards compatibility

    But I don’t think Sony is as lazy or is not putting out exclusive or timed exclusive software on a regular basis

    • The PC Master Race says:

      What games. Those have superior versions on PC. Uncharted and Ratchet are rehashes. Basically a worthless useless line up for a useless console. Meanwhile shills now praise marketing deals as great for garbage games like Battlefront they are that desperate.

      PS4 has no games

  18. Lono says:

    This article is hilariously stupid.

  19. VPN says:

    Japan rules. Japan = Sony. Americans try hard to be better than our console. Even dumb Americans still buy our Sony console cause they know we are superior. Japan owns the console industry. Americans try harder.

  20. Nathan Six says:

    Good write up, nice to finally see a writer not in the pocket of Sony marketing.

  21. Jimmy says:

    LOL it’s not even close right now, Xbox has Rise Of The Tomb Raider but nobody is playing it, it won’t even sell as much as Knack, may not even hit a million. PS4 has more games, higher rated games, better performance in multi-plats, and has sold twice as many games as Xbox None. Halo 5 will be lucky to sell half as much as Halo 4.

  22. Tom says:

    This site is weird. Do you always lie in your articles? If the Xbone wins every year wouldn’t it be the one with huge sales instead of the PS4? I guess this is just another one of those lame Microsoft sites.

    • GoodThings2Life says:

      In what way does an EDITORIAL article which concludes with a “hey this is just one writer’s OPINION” constitute a lie?

      But I wonder, have you even used an Xbox One or are you just a lame PSX-er with an axe to grind on someone who doesn’t match your own lies– I mean, opinion?

      • Anonymous says:

        He says Infamous got mixed reviews yet Sunset Overdrive got great reviews, even though they are 1 point apart on metacritic. This is a fanboy article written by a known fanboy, and your comment shows you’re a corporate cum drinker as well.

        • Shillydog777 says:

          Console peasants arguing over who is the biggest corporate tool. Hilarious.

          You both are

          Meanwhile PC is freedom from corporate scumbags :)

    • J Olivo says:

      He clearly said it won based on having better games for the console. He pointed out sales wise PS4 is dominating but as for doing more for the fans. Xbox is winning in HIS opinion. Did you even read the article?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sales doesn’t make a console a winner

    • The PC Master Race says:

      PS4 is like a Justin Bieber album. Garbage that sells to uneducated morons :)

  23. Septic's Boyfriend says:

    Lol, Septic being torn appart for the fanboy that he is. Go suck some more of MS’ green dick.

  24. BillyCrystals says:

    MULTIPLATS WITH HIGHER FRAME-RATE ON PS4 (source: Digital Foundry):
    Just Cause 3 (and higher resolution)
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (and higher resolution)
    Fallout 4
    CoD: Black Ops 3 (and higher resolution)
    Star Wars: Battlefront (and higher resolution)
    Darksiders 2
    Assassins Creed: Syndicate
    Transformers: Devastation
    The Witcher 3 (and higher resolution)
    Destiny: The Taken King
    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5
    Dishonored: Definitive Edition
    F1 2015 (and higher resolution)
    Batman Arkham Knight (and higher resolution)
    Project Cars (and higher resolution)
    Mortal Kombat X (and higher resolution)
    Dark Souls 2
    Dying Light (and higher resolution)
    Saints Row 4
    Grand Theft Auto V
    Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
    Lords of the Fallen (and higher resolution)
    Sleeping Dogs
    Alien: Isolation
    Plants vs Zombies (and higher resolution)
    Diablo 3
    Sniper Elite 3
    Child of Light
    Amazing Spiderman 2
    Tomb Raider (and higher resolution)
    Battlefield 4 (and higher resolution)
    Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (and higher resolution)

    Mad Max
    Battlefield Hardline (but lower resolution)
    CoD AW (but lower resolution)
    Dragon Age Inquisition (but lower resolution)
    AC Unity
    CoD Ghosts (but lower resolution)

    HIGHEST RATED PS4 EXCLUSIVE: Bloodborne (92)

    HIGHEST RATED PS4 REMASTER: The Last of Us Remastered (95)

    PS4: 207
    XB1: 141

    • Mike says:

      You just proved, to an incredible degree, the author’s point. While you are obsessing over pixel counts, XBOX ONE owners are busy playing a slew of high-quality exclusive games. If PS4 had a competitive lineup, you would be able to point to it in response, instead of pathetically pleading that we focus on minor technical differences.

      • Frank says:

        You must have missed the end of his post about ratings and reviews per system.

      • BillyCrystals says:

        Um, I did point to it…. but I’ll do it again for you :)

        HIGHEST RATED PS4 EXCLUSIVE: Bloodborne (92)
        HIGHEST RATED XB1 EXCLUSIVE: Halo 5 (84)

        HIGHEST RATED PS4 REMASTER: The Last of Us Remastered (95)

        AMOUNT OF POSITIVELY REVIEWED GAMES (source: Metacritic):
        PS4: 207
        XB1: 141

        Hell, MLB The Show alone is more appealing than tired Halo and boring Forza. But different strokes for different folks. :)

        And lol @ calling Xbone’s consistently inferior frame-rates and inferior resolutions “minor”. Hope Halo 5 was worth constantly getting shafted with the worst versions of multiplats.

        • J Olivo says:

          Stop being salty! Salt is bad for u bro! :)

        • The PC Master Race says:

          LMAO. That’s the most pathetic line up of all time. PS4’s constant inferior resolution and FPS compared to PC is getting comedic when they run sub-30FPS. The majesty of the Witcher 3 running 20FPS on the POS4 when PC’s make it sing at 60FPS. Pathetic, really.

          Just proves PC is the winner of the generation

      • Xbot delusion makes me laugh says:

        “High-quality exclusive games”


        Say Xbone.

        • The PC Master Race says:

          Only On the PC :)

          Another gameless year on PS4 in 2015 and 2016. No wonder you are going insane, rscottycuck

    • PS4=Overhype says:

      The author is entitled to his own opinion of the games lineup differences. Most PS4 fanboys are blinded by the fact the PS4 is the more powerful console, hardware wise. The author makes a good point here is saying game play trumps a few extra pixels or slightly higher frames per second. IMO native 1080p vs sub 1080p up scaled to 1080p is a marginal difference when compared to the 4K gaming I do on my PC. Point is games make the console not hardware specs, get off your crutch PS4 fans.

    • The PC Master Race says:

      LMAO. That’s pathetic.

      Games that look and run better on PC

      Meanwhile highest rated exclusive of the year was on PC.

  25. Jim says:

    No mention of Rocket League, one of the most addictive games I’ve played in a long, long time. It’s coming to XBox One at some point, but it’s not available there yet.

  26. Anonymous says:

    the ps4 is the most over hyped garbage console i’ve ever owned…..returning this crapbox asap!

  27. otherZinc says:

    What absolute garbage. The Xbox is a worthless, unwanted joke of a console just like this is a worthless, unwanted attempt at journalism.

    PS4 has had higher rated exclusive games on Metacritic than the Poverty – Box from day one. PS4 has outsold the Poverty – Box in every single corner of the planet from day one.

    Al of these “exclusives” that Microsoft sheepboys were bragging about in late 2015 amounted to nothing more than pathetic, cheap, last – gen trash and sales prove that. Even despite what was laughably regarded as the “Best games line – up in Xbox history” the Xbox remained a worthless, unwanted, last – gen POS down at the bottom of the sales charts because the reality was that Halo, Gears, Forza and all the rest were nothing more than cheap, shovelware garbage.

    PS4 has far more and far better exclusives coming in 2016 as well, so keep trying to delude yourself all you want but that sales gap is only going to get bigger as the months go by. All the educated consumers and real gamers are buying PS4’s to play real games. At this point it’s only the desperate, ignorant, self – deluded brand – slaves that are still trying to damage control for Microsoft’s cheap, pathetic, worthless, last – gen FAILURE of a console and sales prove that.

    • J Olivo says:

      Look at u spouting jibberish like u own Sony stock! Lol. And u call them sheepboys?! Get over yourself bro!

    • Romudeth says:

      Aren’t you the guy who said the Xbox One is the greatest thing ever?

      “otherZinc 4 days ago
      What a stupid article. This is bs. 2013? How about Sony lying?, get used to 1080p 60fps…where Sony? Forza Motorsport 5 & 6 is it for AAA games. Sony has None.
      People say Sony has games, games, games…Indie games that I did not need a Next-gen Console to play. Sony will have 1 AAA Exclusive in Uncharted 4 for 2016, M$ will have 7 (Ricor, Scalebound, Crackdown, Halo Wars 2, Forza Horizon 2, Fable Legends, & Gears 4).
      See, the media won’t mention that. They just want to bring up the past, a past that Sony is doing today…Sony has tv tv tv that some paid $100 for that’s now been discounted to $20. Sony has the same UI, try scrolling to the bottom of your PS4 Friends List…lol, there aren’t any Friend notifications on the PS4, you can’t even change your damn name on the PS4, Yet, you guys praise it. Whatever.
      Sony has offered nothing new this gen.
      One more thing; Backwards Compatability by M$ should be commended, but the biased media condemned M$s effort when Sony makes you pay…yet, you guys jock Sony. Whatever, all of you are ridiculous & awful for gaming progression.
      Tyler, if you aren’t biased; write a Sony Lying article on the Promises they didn’t keep, delayed games, Sparse AAA titles, & Exclusive Games that can be played on the Atari 2600.”

      Which is it, bro?

    • 720P VR Headset LOL says:

      PS4 is like a Justin Beiber Album. Sells but manages to be complete garbage

      No wonder PC gaming is completely destroying consoles every year. Years with no games have deluded sony shills into thinking their worthless box that can’t run games at standard 60FPS framerates.

      What trash. Expect another losing year with a broken peripheral and more games coming to PC than ever

  28. Anonymous says:

    What absolute fanboy drivel. Keep being delusion Septic.

    • 720P VR Headset LOL says:

      The amount of tears you cucks will be crying will be amazing

      • Anonymous says:

        Tears? You mean like the tears you PC losers were crying when Arkham Knight didn’t work on PC, or when Steam revealed your personal information to random people, or waiting for GTAV to release like peasants, or playing against hackers, or pirating games because you’re too poor to buy them.

        • Mikewarrior is a tool says:

          Running games at 1080P 60FPS while POS4 struggles. Getting games cheaper. Having better, free online. Not waiting a month for an apology from Sony for all those credit cards getting stolen. No tears at all. PC is objectively better

          Arkham Knight still ran 60FPPS on PC in the end. POS4 ran it 20FPS. GTA ran 60FPS and looked better than any PS4 game including exclusives like The Odor. Shows how bad console peasant standards are when they didn’t demand a refund for a non working game :)

  29. Inzo says:

    You do know that Uncharted 4 was delayed from March 2016 to April 2016, right? Not from 2015 to 2016. Get your facts straight. Oh and the PS4 had just as many exclusives as xbox if not more. Its also fact that the PS4s exclusives average higher than xbox. I’ll tell you this though, if you think the xbox got a spanking this year, just wait till 2016 gets into full swing, its going to be a massacre. But it will be a hollow victory because this console war was over two years ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Uncharted 4 had a window release for 2015 and got delayed to 2016 which got delayed for another month. So you are wrong and he was right

    • izzy says:

      Uncharted 4 was supposed to be out March 11, 2015. you are the one that needs to get your facts right. That’s what happen when you become a fanboy. You become dumb and oblivious of whats happening in the gaming world

    • The PC Master Race says:

      Nope. Not exclusives. Superior versions are on PC and Unsharted 4 is a movie with no gameplay.

      2016 is going to be an absolute massacre for Sonycucks when that underpowered VR Viewfinder comes out and the PC gets real next gen VR

  30. Puertorock says:

    Not a well writen opinion piece. Common trend I notice among Pro Xbox enthusiats is the constant movement of “goal posts”. Infamous get blasted for your opinion of not living up to the franchise standard but Forza 5 gets a pass because PS4 didn’t have a racing game. Last In checked Xbox doesn’t have a super powered open world game and won’t till late next year.

    Also Dead Rising 3 a good game? Also not mention of how the online of the Master Chief Collection was such a disaster that 343 was still updating the progress of fixing it 4 months later.

    Nothing wrong with preferring one side over the other but when “goal posts” have to be moved in order to validate your point, you have to wonder is your point really accurate in the first place?

    • Joe says:

      Playing Ark right now.

    • Where's the 60FPS Sony? says:

      PS4 has no games worth talking about. Infamous is downgraded trash

      Just buy a PC. Join the master race. Horizon will run at 20FPS anyway.

  31. xiaNaix says:

    If you think it’s bad now just wait until next year when PS4 becomes the new Wii with all the upcoming VR shovelware. Note how they keep calling them “experiences” and not “games.” I’m sure fanboys will continue to sing the praises of the PS4’s sales dominance over the mediocrity of it’s software though.

    • J Olivo says:

      Wait til they have to pay the $400 price tag for PlayStation VR! Lol Its a pass for me. I have an Xbox one and PS4. That’s good enough for me. :)

  32. jack says:

    How your site remains as a “gaming” site and not just a place for xbone fanboys is beyond me. You guys should just quit the business and stop trying to start drama. Crap article by crap writers who like to create flamebait.

    • The PC Master Race says:

      Funnier is that PC unquestionably won 2015 and Sonycucks will forever be in denial that their worthless peasant console is just going to get sloppy seconds for the rest of the gen

      2016 is going to be a disaster for consoles and PC will destroy them for good :)

  33. kay says:

    After reading everything you wrote, I slowly see a pattern emerging. For every positive comment you made for a PS4 game you give them 2 negatives. Yet i only see one negative comment for any xbox one game. Driveclub may have a rough launch but as it stands right now, the game is incredible and maybe the best arcade race to date. The developers have supported this game til now and from the look of it, they have more plans stuff for the game. Many people claim the Order is a cinematic game, if im not mistaken, Ryse is very similar to the Order is it not?

    • G. Lehri says:

      Ryse is terrible yes but one that was a launch title and a heavily criticised one at that from the first moment it was revealed (ironically for its gratuitous use of QTE’s). The claim that The Order is a ‘cinematic game’ does not absolve it from its shortcomings. The Order failed miserably because (1) it was not a launch title and therefore does not get that benefit of the doubt (2) fails miserably, even more so than Ryse in my opinion.

      • Anonymous says:

        “The Order failed miserably because… [it] fails miserably…”

        That about sums up the quality of your arguments.

        • izzy says:

          The Order was a demo with a $60 price tag.

          • Inzo says:

            Your comment proves one thing, you have never played the Order. And please explain exactly what the Order failed at? Not sales, because thats going on nicely. The author however, fails to add any relevance to this article.

          • Izzy says:

            Inzo. I played the game and they game looks great graphically and that’s it. It seems like you haven’t played enough games to notice the difference between a good game and a bad one. Graphics are not the only thing that makes a game. Gameplay, story and for the price lenght of the game should be account it for. I beat the order in about 4 hrs and 20 minutes and once you beat it once you’ve seen it all. No need to replay it and no online feature. That is The order an empty game.

          • Izzy says:

            Another thing Inzo. Sales are at 1.5 mil. If you call that good that will make you worst than a moron.

      • izzy says:

        the order had no escuse to fail. it came out well over a year of the PS4 launch. they had enough time to get it right. If anything only laucnhed games are the one that are escused because of the limeted amount of time they had with the dev kit

    • Phil Bradley is a Loser says:

      LOL they are still defending Drivecuck. How pathetic

      30FPS racing games. Doesn’t even look good except in photo mode with blur filters. Project CARS and DIRT Rally on the PC Destroy it

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