After much fanfare from Microsoft at last year’s E3 about Twitch streaming coming to the Xbox One, just a few days before the release of the actual console, Major Nelson ‘snuck in’ the news that the Xbox One would not support Twitch streaming at launch. Embarrassingly, the PlayStation 4, which was only confirmed to have Twitch support a few months after E3, actually launched with the service fully operational on day one of release. Needless to say that many, including myself, were extremely annoyed and disappointed at the news mainly because of the fact that it negated the first ‘real’ and practical use of the Kinect camera. However, Twitch is finally making its way to the Xbox One and it is boasting improvements over its PS4 equivalent that just might justify the delay. Watch our video below as we discuss the arrival of Twitch streaming on Xbox One:

Resolutiongate 2.0:   720p vs 540p

The Xbox One finally wins a battle of the resolutions against the PS4, albeit in a different sense. This is the biggest advantage the Xbox One Twitch app has over the PS4 and one that, to me, justifies the delay, especially when considering some of the ‘poor quality’ gameplay streams I have seen on the PS4 (although this might be down to the poor connection speeds of users broadcasting their gameplay). ¬†Twitch streaming on the Xbox One will allow users to stream at 720p as opposed to 540p on the PlayStation 4. There’s an inside joke here but I’ll refrain from poking the bear(s). Obviously you can expect the bandwidth requirements to be higher to cater for this improved output but these requirements shouldn’t be too demanding, especially considering the impressive quality of many streams on PC.

Better interface

The interface looks far superior to the PS4 equivalent

The interface looks far superior to the PS4 equivalent

Whilst the PS4 version of Twitch does its job, its user interface leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the standard one you get on PC streams. The Xbox One very closely mimics the PC version of the service with a proper chat log on the right, not a small one at the bottom only showing two posts at once, that, in populated streams can be pretty useless as several messages scroll through faster than you can read them. This creates a disconnect with the streamer and the viewers watching the gameplay; it makes it hard to engage with the community watching your gameplay and this ‘cosmetic deficiency’ does play a big part in diluting the core experience.

The delay will be more than justified if Twitch works as well as we imagine it will on the Xbox One. Titanfall is the perfect accompaniment to the service and we cannot wait to simply say ‘Xbox Broadcast’ and begin sharing our gameplay with others. We will be Twitch streaming as soon as the service goes online. Make sure to tune in!

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4 Responses

  1. cozomel says:

    Who the hell is this other “Cozomel”? I’ve been cozomel for years, best it kid and find your own name, creep! Anyways, on to this article. Stop trying to make everything a fight. First of all this was supposed to be out with the system, yet it wasnt. Whereas the PS4 did come out with it and also has Ustream. Two, give it a rest with the res thing. Nobody cares about the res on this except i guess you clowns. And of course the XO version should have some improvements considering it came out 4 MONTHS LATER! Besides you act like this wont get updated on the PS4, so seriously, give it up with the fanboy fighting over everything. And just to make it clear to all xbots, Sony fanboys arent saying everything should be 1080/60, what they are talking sh!t about is when a game is higher res than a XO game. When so many xbots argued for over a yr, that the XO would be just as powerful when everybody else knew it wouldnt be. God, these fanboy battles are tiring and never end. Y’all fight over everything. “My systems got better plastic than yours, ha ha”. Pathetic!

    Also, does the XO let you watch the streams on your smartphone like the PS4 does?

    • Eagles83 says:

      Funny how you always harp on the resolution thing when it coincides with your fanboy point of view and it all of a sudden doesn’t matter when the PS4 version isn’t the best. I believe that is called being a hypocrite.

  2. medman says:

    Nothing “justifies” a delay such as this, just as it’s not justifiable that the ps4 and xbone aren’t as capable in their multimedia functionality as the ps3 and 360. Of course we all expect this to change with updates, but you can hardly call features that should be implemented from day one justified when they finally get patched in.

  3. Cozomel says:

    Yeah the PS4 version is very underwhelming to begin with and now we see how amazingly featured the Xbox one version is, so we see the glaring omissions in our PS4 twitch. Hope sony learns from microsofts twitch and updates ours.

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